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November 2005
  • November 10: All these "What's New" pages, this one as well as all the past year pages, have been given the UCMP style sheet, footer includes, and most links from the earlier pages have been removed (since many of the links were broken).
  • November 8: All the Diapsids pages (except Aves), and yes, that includes the dinosaur pages, are "beautified," with the addition of many new photos.
  • November 1: Mystery Fossil #52 has arrived!
October 2005
  • October 14: During the first two weeks of October, all the Mammals pages underwent the same sort of "beautification" process as the Special Exhibits (see below). More than 30 new photos now grace the Mammals pages.
  • October 4: From mid-September through this date, some of the older (and less attractive) Special Exhibits went through a "beautification" process. This involved, in many cases, new photographs. Exhibits affected include Dilophosaurus!, Dinobuzz – Current Dinosaur Research, Great White Shark, Journey into Phylogenetic Systematics, Paleontological Institute of Russia, Sabertooths!, Vendian Animals, and Vertebrate Flight.
  • October 2: Big Dinos Return to the Lawrence Hall of Science in this exhibit, cosponsored by UCMP, that runs through March 10, 2006.
September 2005
  • September 15: Launch date for the expanded version of the Understanding Evolution website. Now it's for students and the general public too!
July 2005
  • July 15: A mammoth is found in San Jose and UCMP posts several pages with photos covering the excavation. A page on mammoths in general is also posted.
  • July 14: The T. rex expo pages are redesigned, with all new photos of the T. rex construction.

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