UCMP Special Exhibits
Below are links to exhibits of special note on the UCMP website.
These are only a small fraction of what we offer in our three Exhibit Wings.
Secrets of the Stomatopod Secrets of the Stomatopod: An Underwater Research Adventure
What in the world are stomatopods? In July 2001, a research team spent 10 days living underwater to learn more about these fascinating, little-known crustaceans in their natural environment.
Dilophosaurus! Dilophosaurus!
Visit a very special account of the discovery and reconstruction of this dinosaur. The exhibit is narrated by UCMP's own Sam Welles, discoverer of Dilophosaurus!
Dinobuzz Dinobuzz – Current Dinosaur Research
Explore current and exciting research into the biology of dinosaurs. Were they warm-blooded? Why did they go extinct? Are dinosaurs related to birds, or are they reptiles? All this and more!
Coelacanths! Coelacanths!
You've read about it in the newspapers and heard about it on the evening news, now you can learn all about the Sulawesi coelacanths from the UC Berkeley researchers who made the discovery.
Great White Shark
Former UCMP graduate student Doug Long has worked extensively with living great white sharks, as well as with fossil sharks and fish. You can learn about the great white shark from his exhibit.
Phylogenetic Systematics Journey into Phylogenetic Systematics
Look at how biologists reconstruct the pattern of events that led to the diversity of life. Learn why this is so important for understanding organisms and how they evolve.
PIN Paleontological Institute of Russia
Take a tour of the world's largest paleontological institute, including dinosaurs from Mongolia and giant mammals of the Tertiary.
Sabertooths! Sabertooths!
Visit an exhibit on some of the most famous extinct carnivores of all. Read about marsupials and creodonts who also grew "long in the tooth."
T. rex Expo Tyrannosaurus rex Expo
No dinosaur is so famous nor so feared as Tyrannosaurus. UCMP assembled this exhibition in conjunction with the unveiling of its free-standing skeletal mount.
Vendian Animals Vendian Animals
Former UCMP grad student Ben Waggoner has worked extensively with the troublesome creatures of the Vendian. You can learn about these earliest animals in his exhibit.
Vertebrate Flight Vertebrate Flight
Visit our series of pages on the wonder of flight in vertebrates. How do they do it? How and why did flight evolve? What do a pterosaur, a bat, and a bird have in common? Find out for yourself!

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