The Paleontological Institute, 
	Russian Academy of Sciences
The Paleontological Institute, Museum of Paleontology

Moscow may be better known for sites such as St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square, however, it is also home to the world's largest paleontological institute (left). This affiliate of the Russian Academy of Sciences has more paleontologists under one roof than any other institution in the world. They have collections from all over the former Soviet Union and the world and researchers studying such diverse questions as the origin of life, dinosaurs from Mongolia, and mammals from cave faunas in Georgia.

The Museum of Paleontology, which is run by the Institute, has beautiful public exhibits, largely unheard of outside of Moscow. Representing nearly every type of fossil organism imaginable, the exhibits are particularly rich in Mongolian dinosaurs, synapsids (relatives of mammals) from the Perm region of Russia, and Precambrian fossils, representing the dawn of life, from Siberia. Some of these exhibits have toured the world, visiting Australia, Japan, Finland, and the United States.
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