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Starting in 1994, UCMP began logging changes and updates that were made to the server. 1994 was a great year for our server. It was a year of growth, a year of change, a year where the server really took shape. The Whats New page refelcts the growth and changes that occured, and serves as a running history of what the website was and what it has become.

December 1994
  • December 13: We are now generating statistics by week in addition to our daily statistics. These statistics allow us to see what areas of our server most capture your interest.
  • December 12: A set of pages on the fossil history, ecology and morphology of single-celled organisms of great interest, foraminifera is available for your viewing pleasure.
  • December 1: The number of people visiting our virtual museum continues to show dramatic growth!
November 1994
  • November 28: Our Virtual Museum is becoming so large that we feel it is necessary to provide navigational tools, like the Web Lift to Taxa, and our new Web Geologic Time Machine. We have been reformatting much of our geologic information. See, for example, the revamped pages for the Paleozoic Era, the Cambrian Period, and the Mesozoic Era, and learn more about the finer stratigraphic breakdowns, the fossil life and fossil localities of these great chunks of geologic time.
  • November 22: You can now find out what an Annelid is.
  • November 21: See a sea spider selling seashells....
  • November 19: A new introduction to the vertebrates is now on-line!
  • November 15: An introduction to those wacky and wild animals has been created. It includes a chart of first fossil appearances for the various metazoan phyla.
  • November 12: Take a brief look at the first 80 percent of Earth's history, the Precambrian.
  • November 11: The most abundant animals on Earth, the arthropoda can now be visited in our UCMP Virtual Museum of Paleontology.
  • November 8: The Microfossil Type Collection Catalog and Index has been updated.
  • November 7: The statistics page now includes a chart of average usage by month. It's looking kind of exponential from this end, but it could be the beginning of a logistic. There are limits, theoretically.
  • November 6: We have updated and added to a number of areas, including:
    1. Onychophora, the velvet worms.
    2. A revamped Introduction to Phylogeny.
    3. A convenient navigation tool, Web Lift to Taxa is now in place on many of our pages. This FORM allows you to zoom to any of our many exhibits on organisms.
    4. An updated Chordata exhibit.
    5. Also, exhibit designer Ben Waggoner has finally gotten around to drawing up a rudimentary home page...
  • November 4: We have made some small changes to the home page.
October 1994
  • October 25: One of the goals of the Museum of Paleontology Web Server is to provide accurate and up to date information about on-line collections material. To this end, we have recently reorganized our other museum collection catalogs page. If we missed a site, let us know.
  • October 6: An updated exhibit on the first critters to roam the Earth is now available for viewing. Now, you can see what it is like to perform paleontological field work in the great Russian North on the Winter Coast of the White Sea.
September 1994
  • September 30: We've added yet more type collection information. This time we are presenting a catalog and index of over 8,000 type specimens from the UCMP paleobotany collection.
  • September 29: See our new expanded exhibits of cnidaria and porifera. If you don't know what cnidarians and poriferans are, here's your opportunity. We have got pictures and diagrams that will impress. But, there is more to do, so we'll be expanding these exhibits even further during the next month or so.
  • September 18: We'll soon be moving from our home in McCone Hall to the newly renovated Valley Life Sciences Building, where we'll have expanded space for our public exhibits, including a big Tyrannosaurus rex.
  • September 1: Dr. James W. Valentine began his home page, including an abstract from a recent publication on complexity of metazoans through time.

August 1994

  • August 26: See some big pictures of small things. We've added a catalog of Foraminifera type specimens that contains images captured using our environmental scanning electron microscope. Soon we'll make this catalog searchable, so check back to monitor our progress.
  • August 16: Check out the latest edition of Science magazine, which includes our server on the cover!!!
  • August 14: For those who like meandering musings on the nature of information, check out an essay about informational complexity. Blame the good people at the Santa Fe Institute for influencing me [rpg].
  • August 5: The Museum of Paleontology is affiliated with the Department of Integrative Biology. Check out some information about the department.
  • August 1: With the finishing touches just added to the new About This Museum page, we have completed reformating most of the opening pages of the server. Look for a new META-SUBWAY soon, which will be a subway of subways!
July 1994
  • July 23: Grab a look at the new On-line catalogs page.
  • July 18: Experimentation continues. Check out the new About This Server page.
  • July 17: We are in the process of "upgrading" some of the pages on our server. Our first overhauled page is the entrance to the phylogenetic section of our exhibits.
  • July 6: Both Allen Collins and Rob Guralnick have redesigned their home pages.
June 1994
  • June 14: As promised, we have continued to add new paleontologic information on animals without vertebrae. Browse our new Phylogeny of Metazoa (Animals) exhibit. This is a large project which will be in the development stage for some time to come.
  • June 9: Finally, we have begun to fill a major gap in our virtual museum. The reign of vertebrates on the "virtual museum" is over. Our first exhibit to feature critters without backbones is up and running. Take a look at the first animals ever to roam this planet.
  • June 1: Dave and Rob received a Best of the Net Award from GNN and O'Reilly and Associates for their work on the UCMP server.
May 1994
  • May 27: Thanks to Brandon Plewe of WINGS for running the Best of the Web `94 contest and to everyone who liked our server enough to nominate it and vote for it. We were nominated for Best Educational Service, for which we received an honorable mention, and for Best Use of Multiple Media. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way! We could not have done it without you!
  • May 23: We have added an interactive Hennon Attractor form. This plots the Henon Attractor fractal with your input values.
  • May 14: Individual users on UCMP1 are beginning to set up their own home pages! Check out Dr. David Lindberg's Home Page. It contains information about the Berkeley program in Integrative Biology (including Paleontology).
  • May 13: A Rodent page has been added to the Placental Mammal section. The Tetrapod page has also been improved a bit. Finally, the Mesozoic and Paleozoic pages have been improved.
  • May 12: The Placental Mammal Page has been reorganized and expanded.
  • May 11: We have been nominated for two awards in the Best of the Web '94! Check it out.
  • May 10: The WAIS indices have, for the most part, been fixed.
  • May 3: All our WWW server pages and images have moved to a nice, new 1.05 Gigabyte hard drive. This is great news, but we do expect that lots broke in transition. Bear with us, and let the WWW administrator [rpg] know if you run across problems.
  • May 1: The Geology Section continues to grow. We have added information to both the Paleozoic and Precambrian pages. Check them out!
April 1994
  • April 30: The Geology Section of our exhibits has been expanded. Check out the Cenozoic and Mesozoic sections.
  • April 7: DILOPHOSAURUS! is now done!
  • April 5: More work continues on DILOPHOSAURUS!, which is now almost finished.
  • April 4: DILOPHOSAURUS!, a small exhibit of dilophosaur, a dinosaur taxon that was discovered and named by our own Sam Welles, is now under construction. Take a peek around.
  • April 1: The mammal exhibits are being redesigned and updated. Keep checking back for more changes.
March 1994
  • March 27: The Purpose of the Museum page is now finished, for the most part.
  • Check out Dave Polly's new home page. Dave sets the trend yet again.
  • March 24: Doug Long, just now finishing work on his dissertation, has made available a list of his publications on sharks.
  • March 23: We "improved" the forms so that the actual location of the document shows up in Document URL box. Before, we forced this information to appear physically on the page.
  • March 22: We have given some credit where credit is due. See the Acknowledgements page.
  • March 16: Redesigned the About the Server section. All the links are incorporated in one image.
  • March 10: Redesigned the About The Museum section. It now is "integrated" into the standing style of the server.
February 1994
  • February 27: The About The Museum page has undergone a small revision. This will be the first of many revisions. The page now has a searchable index of Museum publications. Someday the articles themselves will be on-line instead of the just the citation. Minor revisions to the subway pages.
  • February 26: The Molluscan Listserver page has been updated. The update includes a searchable index of the archived mail.
  • February 23: Doug Long has helped to update the Great White Shark page.
  • February 18: FINISHED Compiled Remote Resources. This also finsihes the UCMP SERVER TECHNOLOGY section. Hooray!
  • February 17: Added a forms interface to all the exhibit pages for navigation outside the exhibit.
  • February 15: Finished Broken or In Progress. Began work on the last Server Technology page (YAY!), Compiled Remote Resources.
  • February 14: Began Broken or In Progress.
  • February 11: Added the GO button for all on-line catalogs. WinMosaic users may now use the forms interface to search the Pacific Rim and type collection catalogs.
  • February 9: Finished ISMAP and scripts page.
  • February 8: Finished The Function of Forms page.
  • February 3: Began The Function of Forms page.
  • February 1: Put the finishing touches on Your Friend Crontab, which is still an odd page.
January 1994
  • January 30: The finishing touches have been put on the Statistics page, including a NICE image showing number of files sent per day. Also, much work is now done on the Your Friend Crontab page, a very odd look at data flow and the World Wide Web.
  • January 29: Added a new script that allows navigation using a form containing a menu with selected pages. This is currently being used on the page returned to users who sign the guest log. The Image Manipulation page is (finally) complete.
  • January 22: Completed revision of the server page and catalog page. The server page also now includes server statistics. Both these pages are now completely ISMAP'ed. Completed the Photo-CD to GIF page.
  • January 12: Completed the Converting to Photo-CD page and the Guest Book page and Exhibit Layout page. Finished the Home Page Technology page.
  • January 9: Completed the Server Daemon and HTML Language Writing technology pages. Began work on the Home Page Technology page.
  • January 8: New formats for the type specimen catalog pages (vertebrate, invertebrate, microfossils). Now, searches can be conducted right on the page, and more information is provided, including separate pages showing the fields of each catalog.
  • January 6: Reorganization of the About This Server and Online Catalogs sections. Created an ISMAP for the type specimen catalogs.

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