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July 2004 March 2004
  • March 15: The Paleontology Portal is now open for contributions of images, links and information from the paleo community.
February 2004
  • February 9: Mystery fossil #40 has raised its ugly head. (But wait...does it even have a head?
  • February 6: Read all about the latest happenings at UCMP in the January issue of UCMP News, now available on-line.
  • February 3: UCMP and the National Center for Science Education are pleased to announce the launch of Understanding Evolution, which provides science content and classroom resources especially for teachers.
January 2004
  • January 27: Updated vertebrate collections data (including 30,000 more specimen records) are available on-line; visit our on-line database.
  • January 22: Updated paleobotany collections data are available on-line; visit our on-line database.
  • January 8: Information about the archived papers of Samuel P. Welles is now available on-line.


December 2003
  • December 6: A news archive is now available on the news page.
  • December 4: We've revised the news section a bit, to to make it easier to find the latest news items.
October 2003
  • October 30: We've started a glossary of paleogeographic terms!
September 2003
  • September 20: The UCMP Glossary has been revamped; now it's browseable alphabetically as well as by volume.
August 2003
  • August 13: Just can't get enough news from UCMP? Gotta get it hot off the presses? Introducing the UCMP RSS feed (otherwise known as a channel).


November 2002
  • November 27: Data and images from UCMP's collection of cleared leaves are now available on-line.
  • November 18: We've reviewed and updated the time intervals shown throughout out geologic time exhibits. Jump into our Web Geological Time Machine to explore!
  • November 1: The latest issue of UCMP News is on-line, featuring UCMP summer research and teaching activities.
October 2002
  • October 1: UCMP's revamped on-line collections database is up and running. Many thanks to the talented programmers at the Digital Library Project for their outstanding efforts!
July/August 2002
  • Participants in the Geosciences in Alaska project sent journals and photos from their field expedition. Read the journals at the project Web site for a day-by-day description of their experiences.
June 2002
  • June 11: A major exhibit on the crustaceans has begun to appear on the server, and will be added as pages are reviewed. Yippee!
May 2002
  • May 15: The May issue of UCMP News focuses on the Web site, past present and future. Take a look!
  • May 10: Go north this summer, to Alaska, with a group of K-12 teachers on a field and research expedition. Learn more from the Geosciences in Alaska project pages.
  • May 1: Find out more about California's Landscape, an earth science course presented to San Francisco teachers in six Saturday sessions. The course is complete, but you can visit the site to browse presentation notes, classroom activities, and links to background information. Also, Mystery Fossil #21 is here. You might need to chew on this tough one for a while...
April 2002
  • April 26: Many thanks to Paul McIver of the US EPA Region 8 in Denver, who volunteered wonderful wetlands images to augment our very popular page on aquatic biomes. Visit the wetlands image gallery to enjoy them!
  • April 1: The Mystery Fossil for this month (#20) is particularly absorbing. What could it be?
March 2002
  • March 18: We created an archive for the annual short course, focusing on the history of the San Francisco Bay. Visit the archive to browse presentation notes, slides and images from the course.
  • March 1: Mystery Fossil #19 is a rare find indeed. Do you know what it is?
February 2002
  • February 2: Mystery Fossil #18 looks like a crushed banana. Do you know what it is?
January 2002
  • January 29: The January issue of UCMP News takes you on a tour of the Museum's Molecular Labs.


November 2001
  • November 16: The November UCMP News is now on-line, featuring summer field adventures.
  • November 15: We're unveiling the new, improved, field-tested, teacher and student approved version of Adventures at Dry Creek, an on-line module that's part of the Explorations Through Time project. Check it out!
  • November 2: Mystery Fossil #15 was a mystery to paleontologists, at first. What do you think it is?
October 2001
  • October 19: Try out the newest on-line educational module in our Explorations Through Time series: What Did T. rex Taste Like?.
  • October 1: The latest version of UCMP News is on-line, featuring NAPC 2001 and Mystery Fossil #14 has arrived!
September 2001
  • September 1: Mystery Fossil #13 is here...
August 2001
  • August 1: Mystery Fossil #12 is here! Also, find out more about Understanding Science, a series of events about the teaching of evolution taking place this fall throughout California.
July 2001
  • July 30: We just updated the Movies vs. Reality Dinobuzz page to address burning questions about raptors, as depicted in Jurassic Park III.
  • July 17: We moved the UCMP website to a new server on July 13. We apologize for any technical glitches you may have encountered over the last few days; please e-mail the webmaster if you notice problems during your visit.
  • July 9: Join UCMP Curator Roy Caldwell as he dives deep into the world of the Stomatopod on an underwater research expedition.
June 2001
  • June 27: What could it be? It's Mystery Fossil #11.
  • June 26: Meet Kevin Padian, UCMP Curator, in the latest UCMP profile.
  • June 25: Former museum scientist Sam Welles left a generous bequest to encourage research on the museum's collections. Find out more about the Samuel P. and Doris Welles Research Fund.
  • June 20: Peruse the latest issue of UCMP News, including a feature on dinosaur bone histology.
  • June 8: Join us on a journey to Mistaken Point, Newfoundland. UCMP alumnus Ben Waggoner has updated and expanded this exhibit on a wonderful Vendian locality. Don't miss it!
April 2001
  • April 30: Learn about the discovery of the Archaea and their relationship to other living things from our new page on Archaea systematics.
  • April 20: We've added pages to our Archaea exhibit on their fossil record and morphology. Read about the exciting discoveries made using chemical fossils of these bizarre microbes.
  • April 19: Our exhibit on the Archaea is undergoing a revision and trememndous expansion. Watch for additional pages chock full of microbial goodness.
March 2001
  • March 15: Read all about UCMP Curator Carole Hickman's work with fossil and living marine gastropods in the latest UCMP Profile.
  • March 1: PaleoBios, UCMP's scientific journal, has newly designed and updated pages, with most abstracts from previous issues now on-line.
February 2001
  • February 28: Mystery Fossil #8 has made its appearance. Can you identify it?
  • February 27: Don't miss the adventures of Mark Goodwin, Principal Museum Scientist, in the next installment of our series of UCMP Profiles.
  • February 11: It's true that Hesperornithiformes is a mouthful, but these extinct birds did have a mouth full of teeth, powerful legs, and stubby wings.
  • February 2: We've had a whale of a time updating our exhibit on the Cetacea, and providing a better coverage of their evolution was our porpoise in doing so.
January 2001
  • January 29: Don't miss the latest issue of UCMP News, with a special feature on the UCMP Prep Lab.
  • January 25: Explore another new addition to our exhibits on Blastoidea, an extinct group of high-level stalked suspension feeders.
  • January 23: Read an updated page on Robert Hooke, one of the early figures in our exhibit on the History of Evolutionary Thought.
  • January 20: We've updated our listing of upcoming Phylogenetics Meetings.
  • January 19: Read all about UCMP Curator Jere Lipps in the first of a series of profiles of UCMP researchers.
  • January 19: Browse our new exhibit on the Echinoidea — sea urchins, sand dollars, and their kin.
  • January 8: Our little old page on dragonflies and damselflies has been expanded just a little. Compare the new version with the old version to see what we mean.
  • January 5: We have created a Mystery Fossil Archive. Try to solve all these mysteries from the past.
  • January 4: We've added a new Mystery Fossil for January. Can you guess what it is?
  • January 1: We made it to the new millenium. While this may not be a significant feat when measured in geologic time, it's practically a miracle in terms of internet sites. We kick off this year with the beginnings of an exhibit on the Apiales, a group of flowering plants that includes carrots, ivy, and ginseng, and which has been around since the time of the dinosaurs.

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