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Biographical Chronology

1907 Born in Gloucester, Massachusetts on November 9 to Paul Irving Welles and Annie Louise Kraus.
1911 Welles family moved to Berkeley, California.
1924 Welles graduated from Berkeley High School.
1930 Graduated with B.A.s in history, military science, and political science from UC Berkeley. Began working under Dr. William D. Matthew as a Laboratory Preparator for the Museum of Paleontology in Bacon Hall.
1931 Museum moves from Bacon Hall to the Hearst Mining Building. Welles took first field expedition, spending the summer in Hagerman, Idaho. On December 14, Welles married his first wife, Harriet Giles.
1932 Went with Ruben A. Stirton on an expedition to the Pliocene of Texas. Then worked with Dr. Charles Camp (see the Charles Lewis Camp Papers) at the Placerias Quarry near St. Johns, Arizona in the Late Triassic Chinle Formation. At the Placerias Quarry, Welles meets with Annie Montague Alexander (see the Annie Montague Alexander Papers)and her partner Louise Kellogg.
1933 Accompanies R.A. Stirton on his Nebraska expedition. Later, joins Charles Camp in the Placerias Quarry.
1934 Went to Placerias Quarry with R.A. Stirton for a second time.
1935 Took over direction of the vertebrate preparators in a WPA project in the Permian of Arroyo de Agua.
1937 Prospected in the New Mexico Permian near Jemez Springs and Glorieta. Also, excavated a plesiosaur (Hydrotherosaurus alexandrae) in the Panoche Hills, the cleaning and preparation of which was performed by Welles' WPA crew.
1938 Discovered and excavated a labyrinthodont near Meteor Crater in Arizona in an area his party names Meteor Crater Quarry.
1939 Promoted to Assistant Curator of Reptiles and Amphibians and Superintendent of the WPA project in the Museum. Collected at Holbrook Quarry, west of Holbrook, Arizona, and began first major excavation at Meteor Crater Quarry.
1940 Earned Doctorate in Paleontology with a dissertation on Cretaceous plesiosaurs. Appointed as a part-time lecturer in the UC Berkeley Department of Paleontology. Joined Charles Camp in the Permian beds in Arizona, east of Sedona. Returned to Holbrook Quarry to complete the excavation.
1941 Collected several labyrinthodont skulls, as well as a complete labyrinthodont skeleton in the Moenkopi south of Winslow, Arizona.
1942 Traveled to Little Colorado Valley with Charles Camp to collect in the Permian beds of Monument Valley. Also excavated in the early Jurassic Kayenta Formation, where he discovered and did extensive research on Dilophosaurus wetherilli (hear Sam describe Dilophosaurus in this special exhibit).
1943-45 Worked as a Second Lieutenant with Engineering, Science, and Management, War Training organizing training programs in Bay Area shipyards.
1944 Welles appointed Senior Museum Curator and joined the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology.
1945 Joined an expedition at Indian Creek, Utah, where he found a labyrinthodont skull.
1946 Welles again joined Charles Camp in prospecting the Moenkopi exposures east of Dinosaur National Monument. Found more labyrinthodont bones. Welles' title changed to Principal Museum Curator and Lecturer.
1947 Excavated, with his students, a site which came to be known as Cameron Quarry. Charles Camp goes on African Expedition, and Welles appointed Acting Director of the Museum of Paleontology. Welles' title changed to Principal Museum Paleontologist and Lecturer.
1948 Elected Fellow of the Geological Society of America and was a delegate to the 18th International Geological Congress in London. Received a grant form Annie Montague Alexander to study plesiosaurs and labyrinthodonts throughout the United States and Western Europe.
1949 Again took a student group to explore the upper Moenkopi in the Colorado River Valley region. Found a rich quarry which they named Caldwell-Day quarry. Began regularly teaching paleontology courses.
1952 Welles traveled to Colombia to study a Cretaceous plesiosaur, which he described as Alzadasaurus colombiensis.
1954 Welles and his family joined Charles Camp's family at the Berlin-Ichthyosaur site in Nevada. Welles also went to the Moenkopi and Chinle Formations in Arizona.
1955 Prospected near Moenkopi Village and Panoche Hills.
1957 Became President of the George P. Louderback Fund, serving in that capacity until 1975.
1960 Museum of Paleontology moves to Earth Sciences Building. Welles elected Vice President of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology.
1961 With a group of students, Welles collected a plesiosaur skeleton in the Bearpaw Shale near Malta, Montana.
1963 Collected a sirenian skeleton from the marine Tertiary beds near Mt. Hermon, CA.
1964 Studied the rock sequence at the Dilophosaurus site.
1965 Returned to the Meteor Crater Quarry to collect. The following year, Welles returned to the site, which became known as the Jennings Quarry.
1967 Studied plesiosaurs in Lincoln, Nebraska.
1968 Welles joined Rob Long on a dinosaur study across the U.S. and Canada. Took a dinosaur study trip across Europe to make comparisons with Dilophosaurus.
1969 Was a Fullbright Scholar to New Zealand, where he studied marine reptiles. Welles' findings were published in 1971.
1972 Traveled with Rob Long and Robert F. Holland to study footprints in the Kayenta formation.
1973 Led a group of students to study archosaurs in various U.S. museums.
1974 Retired from his position as Principal Museum Scientist at the University, but continued to work as a Research Associate.
1981 Traveled to the Berlin-Ichthyosaur State Park to excavate and help preserve the location's rocks and fossils.
1986 Established, with his wife Doris, the Doris O. and Samuel P. Welles Endowment Fund for the study of lower vertebrates.
1989 Joined Dr. Kevin Padian's expedition to the Placerias Quarry.
1990 Studied dinosaur material at the University of Utah, at Dinolab, and at Dinosaur National Monument.
1991 Elected an Honorary Life Member of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology.
1992 Elected Senior Fellow of the Geological Society of America.
1994 UC Berkeley Department of Paleontology absorbed into Department of Integrative Biology.
Welles died in San Mateo on August 6.
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Series Description

Series 1: Correspondence, 1936-1996

Arranged alphabetically by name of person or organization, with both incoming and outgoing correspondence interfiled. Includes letters written to various museums regarding collections and correspondence regarding fieldwork. A partial list of correspondents containing individuals with four or more letters in the collection follows the key to arrangement. Unlisted letters are in miscellaneous files organized alphabetically.


Box 1 A-Cl
Box 2 Cm-F
Box 3 G-H
Box 4 I-L
Box 5 M-O
Box 6 P
Box 7 R-S
Box 8

Series 2: Dinosaur Files

Files on various reptiles. Arranged alphabetically by Welles' original writing on folders (generally alphabetized by family with genus arranged alphabetically within family).


Carton 1 A-Cn
Carton 2 Co-G
Carton 3 H-Pi
Carton 4 Pj-Th
Carton 5

Series 3: Miscellaneous

Container Contents
Box 9
Miscellaneous articles and clippings related to paleontology. Also contains selected reprints, museum organizational information, and other miscellaneous items.

Series 4: Photographs

The Sam Welles photograph collection consists of approximately 3,000 photographs, primarily of localities in which Sam Welles' worked. The photographs are currently uncatalogued.

Series 5: Field Notes

Container Contents
Box 10-11
Field notes, 1936-1993(?)
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Partial List of Correspondents

Aldrich, Henry R.
7 items, 1952-1956

Alexander, Annie M.
30 items, 1945-1949

Applegate, Shelton P.
6 letters, 1963-1970
Los Angeles County Museum

British Broadcasting Corporation
5 letters, 1972-1974
Re: television series on vertebrate paleontology.

Bailey, Alfred
11 letters, 1952-1969
Denver Museum of Natural History

Baird, Donald
18 letters, 1965-1991
Princeton University

Barnes, Fran
4 letters, 1972-1973

Barry, Tom H.
13 letters, 1965-1974
South African Museum

Beard, Charles Noble
14 letters, 1949-1958
Fresno State College

Bellerphon Books
12 items, 1976-1993

Bilbey, Sue Ann
2 letters, 1990
Utah Field House of Natural History State Park

Bissell, Harold J.
4 Letters, 1970-1976
Brigham Young University

Black, Craig
4 letters, 1968-1972
University of Kansas Natural History Museum

Blows, William T.
6 Letters, 1972-1979
Re: Megalosaurus, etc.

Bonaparte, Jose
22 letters, 1964-1985
Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales

Bonde, Niels
3 letters, 1992-1993
Universitetets Institut for Historisk Geologi og Palaeontologi

Brady, Major L.F.
25 letters, 1938-1961
Museum of Northern Arizona

Brand, Donald
10 letters, 1935-1962
University of Texas and University of New Mexico

Breed, William
60 letters, 1968-1980
Museum of Northern Arizona

Brimhall, Dean
5 letters, 1953

Britt, Brooks
3 letters, 1983

Bronaugh, Richmond
4 letters, 1948-1949
Baylor University

Bump, James D.
25 letters, 1948-1952
South Dakota School of Mines

Bush, Frank E.
5 letters, 1958
Sacramento Junior College

Carpenter, Kenneth
4 letters, 1981-1996
Denver Museum of Natural History

Casmiquela, Radolfo M.
7 letters, 1967-1969
Museo Nacional de Historia Natural, Chile

Charig, Alan |
35 letters, 1966-1996
British Museum of Natural History

Chatterjee, Sankar
9 letters, 1982-1996
Denver Museum of Natural History and Texas Tech University Museum

Chure, Dan
4 letters, 1993-1996
Dinosaur National Monument

Clark, James
5 letters, 1981-1982
University of Chicago

Colbert, Edwin
(1) 84 letters, 1945-1954
(2) 68 letters, 1955-1991
American Museum of Natural History, Museum of Northern Arizona

Cooper, Michael
4 letters, 1979-1980
The National Museums and Monuments of Rhodesia

Cosgriff, John and Betty
37 letters, 1964-1985
University of Tasmania and Wayne State University

Cott, H. Edward
6 letters, 1953-1956
University of Utah and California Polytechnic

Cox, Barry
7 letters, 1960-1964
American Museum of Natural History

Creole Petroleum Corporation
(G.R. Pierce, George Heyl, A.J. Freie)
10 letters, 1952-1959

Crompton, A.W.
3 letters, 1965-1968
Peabody Museum

Currie, Phillip
7 letters, 1982-1996
Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology
Provincial Museum of Alberta

Danson, Edward B.
11 letters, 1958-1970
Museum of Northern Arizona

Daugherty, Lyman
5 letters, 1948-1982
San Jose State College

Denison, Robert H.
4 letters, 1955-1968
Chicago Natural History Museum

Dietrich, W.O.
4 letters, 1948-1949
Geologisch-Palaontologische Institut, und Museum der Universitat

Doberenz, Alexander
8 letters, 1965-1967
University of Arizona

Downs, Theodore
7 letters, 1952-1958
LA County Museum

Eaton, Theodore
6 letters, 1968-1972
University of Kansas Museum of Natural History

Edinger, Tilly
21 letters, 1948-1964
Harvard College Museum of Comparative Zoology

Edmonds, J.M.
7 letters, 1967-1969
University of Chicago Walker Museum

Edmund, Gordon
11 letters, 1955-1973
Royal Ontario Museum

Eriksen, Lance
6 letters, 1977-1980
Historical Museum and Institute of Western Colorado

Erickson, Bruce
5 letters, 1976-1977
The Science Museum of Minnesota

Estes, Richard
44 letters, 1960-1977
Boston University

Flammer, Larry
4 letters, 1967
Del Mar High School

Fleming, Charles A.
7 letters, 1961-1970
New Zealand Geological Survey

Foster, David
4 letters, 1981

Fry, Wayne
6 letters, 1970
UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology

Gage, Maxwell
5 letters, 1970-1971
University of Canterbury

Geoffrey, Eugene
9 letters, 1973-1993
American Museum of Natural History

Galton, Peter
38 letters, 1965-1983
Peabody Museum, University of Bridgeport

Gillette, David
5 letters, 1988-1996
Utah State Paleontologist

Glover, Jerry
9 letters, 1969-1974
Creative Casting and Design Studio
California Academy of Sciences

Green, Morton
28 letters, 1948-1968
Baylor University
South Dakota School of Mines

Gregg, Don
49 letters, 1969-1973
Canterbury Museum
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery

Gregory, Joseph T.
46 letters, 1948-
Peabody Museum of Natural History
UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology

Greer, Pratt
24 letters, 1939-1981

Gutmann, Kenneth
5 letters, 1969-1970

Haderlie, E.C.
6 letters, 1957
Monterey Peninsula College

Hagener, Lou W.
6 letters, 1977-1978
Northern Montana College

Hardy, John C.
12 letters, 1953-1955

Hasegawa, Yoshikazu
11 letters, 1970-1977
National Science Museum, Tokyo Japan

Haury, Emil W.
4 letters, 1949-1957
Arizona State Museum

Heintz, Anatol
5 letters, 1949-1950
Paleontologisk Museum, Oslo, Norway

Heppe, Albert
8 letters, 1954
Sonoma Valley Union High School

Herrera, Edgard Aldana
6 letters, 1952-1953
Servicio Geologico Nacional, Bogota, Colombia

Hesse, Curtis
7 letters, 1937-1943
The Museum of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas

Heune, F. von
20 letters, 1947-1955
Institut und Museum fur Geologie und Palaontologie, Germany

Hibbard, C.W.
6 letters, 1951-1954
University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology

Holden, John C.
4 items, 1977

Hooijer, Dick A.
4 letters, 1951-1952
Rijksmuseum van Natuurlijke Historie

Hopson, James A.
8 letters, 1964-1981
Peabody Museum of Natural History, University of Chicago

Hotton, Nicholas III
5 letters, 1967-1980
Smithsonian Museum, National Museum of Natural History

Howie, Anne
9 letters, 1967-1970
University of Sydney

Hubach, Enrique
6 letters, 1952-1956
Ministario de Minas y Petroles, Bogota, Colombia

Hughes, Barry
5 letters, 1974-1987
University of Ghana

Hunt, Adrian
7 items, 1990-1991
New Mexico Museum of Natural History

Irby, Grace
4 letters, 1990-1992
Museum of Northern Arizona

Jacobs, Louis
4 letters, 1978
Museum of Northern Arizona

Jain, Sohan L.
16 letters, 1967-1988
Indian Statistical Institute, American Museum of Natural History
Carnegie Museum

Jennings, Charles & Mollie
10 letters, 1965-1980

Jensen, James A.
68 letters, 1966-1986
Brigham Young University

Johnson, Jay
6 letters, 1993
Dinosaur State Park, Connecticut

Jones, William R.
4 letters, 1963
Yosemite National Park

Kermack, Doris M.
11 letters, 1972-1982
Imperial College of Science and Technology

Kirby, Randy
11 letters, 1986-1992
Museum of Northern Arizona

Klandrud, Leonard
10 letters, 1961-1962

Klippel, Robert
7 letters, 1960-1982

Kops, Willi
5 letters, 1949-1950

Kron, Donald
6 letters, 1967-1972
Museum of Northern Arizona

Kuhne, Walter G.
14 letters, 1949-1969
Geologisch-Palaontologisches Institut, Berlin

Langston, Wann, Jr.
56 letters, 1952-1996
The University of Texas at Austin

Lewis, G. Edward
8 letters, 1952-1979
US Geological Survey

Lindemann, Franz-Josef
19 letters, 1987-1991
Universitetet Oslo Paleontologisk Museum

Link, Martin
9 letters, 1970-1972
Navajo Tribal Museum

Long, Robert A.
27 letters, 1962-1985
California Polytechnic

Lucas, Spencer G.
5 letters, 1989-1994
New Mexico Museum of Natural History

MacDonald, James Reid
18 letters, 1949-1959
American Museum of Natural History

Madsen, James H.J.
91 letters, 1962-1997
University of Utah
Utah State Paleontologist

Marshall, Larry G.
5 letters, 1976-1977
Museum of Northern Arizona

Maxson, Asa
17 letters, 1940-1954

Mc Grew, Paul
20 letters, 1939-1969
University of Wyoming

Mc Innes, Dale
10 letters, 1966-1976

Mc Kee, Edwin |
27 letters, 1947-1961
Museum of Northern Arizona

Medem, Frederic
6 letters, 1953-1954
Chicago Natural History Museum

Merriam, Charles W.
4 letters, 1954

Miller, Wade E.
8 letters, 1982-1990
Brigham Young University

Milner, Angela C.
4 letters, 1980-1984
British Museum of Natural History

Moisley, Bill
8 letters, 1975-1976

Molnar, Ralph
15 letters, 1974-1993

Morales, Michael
56 letters, 1980-1994
Museum of Northern Arizona
Cincinnati Museum of Natural History

Neal, Arminta
4 letters, 1963-1964
Denver Museum of Natural History

Nicholls, Elizabeth
16 letters, 1970-1991
University of Calgary

Nichols, Rachel
4 letters, 1955-1958
American Museum of Natural History

Nichols, Willis J. (Mrs.)
4 letters, 1963

Olshevsky, George
4 letters, 1973-1988
University of Toronto

Olson, Everett C.
17 letters, 1936-1968
Walker Museum, University of Chicago

Olson, Kenneth H.
11 letters, 1976-1978
Blaine County Museum

Ostrom, John H.
17 letters, 1964-1984
Peabody Museum of Natural History

Otto, William
4 letters, 1956-1958
California Institute of Technology

Paiva, Frank C.
5 letters, 1937-1938
Sun Ray Mining Co.

Parrington, F.R.
4 letters, 1949-1969
University Museum of Zoology, Cambridge, England

Paton, Roberta L.
4 letters, 1970-1971
The Department of Geology, The University, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

Patterson, Bryan
5 letters, 1947-1970
Chicago Natural History Museum

Payne, Max B.
5 letters, 1957-1989

Peabody, Frank
28 letters, 1947-1958
University of Kansas Museum of Natural History

Peyer, Bernard
10 letters, 1949-1959
University of Zurich

Phillips, Wendell
9 letters, 1969-1971, 6 articles
Economic Advisor to Sultan Said bin Taimur, King of Oman

Pickering, Stephen
22 letters, 1984-1992
Yeshiva Books

Powell, H. Philip
(1) 29 letters, 1991-1996
(2) 43 letters, 1985-1990
(3) 33 letters, 1980-1984
(4) 31 letters, 1975-1979
(5) 42 letters, 1971-1974
University Museum, Oxford, England

Price, Llewellyn Ivor
10 letters, 1947-1952
American Museum of Natural History
Divisao de Geologia e Mineralogia, Brazil

Raath, Michael A.
6 letters, 1973-1980
National Museums and Monuments, Causeway, Rhodesia

Reed, Charles A.
10 letters, 1948-1952
University of Arizona

Reinhart, Roy H.
12 letters, 1950-1964
Panhandle Plains Historical Museum, Canyon, Texas
Miami University

Rensberger, John M.
6 letters, 1967-1968
Thomas Burke Memorial Washington State Museum

Repenning, Charles A.
26 letters, 1952-1955
US Geological Survey

Rich, Tom
20 letters, 1961-1993
Museum of Victoria, Victoria, Australia

Richards, Horace G.
6 letters, 1949-1951
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia

Roat, Evelyn C.
5 letters, 1971
Museum of Northern Arizona

Robinson, Pamela L.
6 letters, 1960-1975
University College, London

Romer, Alfred S.
42 letters, 1936-1972
Harvard University

Rowe, Timothy
5 letters, 1984-1995
Museum of Northern Arizona

Rusconi, Carlos
5 letters, 1949-1966
Museo de Historia Natural Juan C. Moyano, Mendoza, Argentina

Rush, Richard
7 pamphlets, 3 letters, 1978
Richard Rush Studios

Russel, Dale A.
25 letters, 1962-1984
National Museum of Canada

Ruth, Ferd S.
4 letters, 1961-1962
Diablo Valley College

Savage, Donald E.
10 letters, 1956-1985

Schaeffer, Bobb
36 letters, 1947-1976
American Museum of Natural History

Schultz, C. Bertrand
16 letters, 1949-1969
University of Nebraska

Shishkin, Michael A.
22 letters, 1971-1996
Russian Academy of Sciences

Schuler, Ellis W.
24 letters, 1948-1953
Southern Methodist University

Sellards, E.H.
4 letters, 1947-1949
Texas Memorial Museum

Shikama, Tokio
4 letters, 1955
Yokohama National University, Japan

Sickenberg, O.
5 letters, 1968-1969
Niedersachsisches Landesamt fur Bodenforschung, Germany

Simpson, George G.
7 letters, 1945-1969
American Museum of Natural History
University of Arizona

Slaughter, Bob H.
17 letters, 1958-1974
Dallas Prehistorical Society

Smith, Roy W.
4 letters, 1962-1963

Staebler, Arthur A.
24 letters, 1977-1993
California State University, Fresno

Stengel, Paul
7 letters, 1960-1962
Malta Public Schools, Montana

Sternberg, George F.
7 letters, 1951-1967
Fort Hayes Kansas State College

Stirton, Ruben A.
10 letters, 1936-1964

Stock, Chester
6 letters, 1940-1950
California Institute of Technology

Stocklin, William J.
4 letters, 1963
Mobile Education Project, Washington

Stokes, W. Lee
12 letters, 1968-1977
University of Utah
University of Wyoming

Storrs, Glenn W.
12 letters, 1980-1996
Cincinnati Museum Center
University of Bristol

Stover, Elizabeth M.
7 letters, 1949
University Press in Dallas (Southern Methodist University)

Stromer, Ernst Frhr. Von
4 letters, 1947-1948

Sues, Hans-Dieter
7 letters, 1973-1993
Royal Ontario Museum
Palaeontologisches Institut der Johannes Gutenberg-Universitaet, Germany

Suttey, Rose C.
5 letters, 1962
San Francisco Public Library

Swinton, Bill
14 letters, 1949-1960
British Museum of Natural History

Taquet, Philippe E.
25 letters, 1974-1983
Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris

Beverly L. Tarlo
8 letters, 1959-1963
University College, London

Taylor, Michael A.
9 letters, 1980-1987

Thulborn, Richard A.
10 letters, 1981-1984
University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia

Thurmond, John T.
5 letters, 1966-1971
Birmingham-Southern College
Southern Methodist University

Tokaryk, Timothy T.
5 letters, 1992-1994
Saskatchewan Natural History Museum

Tuckness, Dorathalene
4 letters, 1988

Untermann, G. Ernst
9 letters, 1953-1968
Utah Field House of Natural History

VanderHoof, V.L.
6 letters, 1947-1958
Stanford University

Vaughn, Peter
15 letters, 1958-1972
Smithsonian Institution
University of California, Los Angeles

Waldman, Michael
11 letters, 1964-1973
Stowe School, Buckingham, England
University of Bristol

Walker, Alick
25 letters, 1969-1997
University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Walker, Myrl V.
6 letters, 1967-1970
Fort Hays Kansas State Museum

Ward, S.H.
4 letters, 1972
University of Utah

Warren , Anne
10 letters, 1978-1989
La Trobe University, Victoria, Australia

Watson, D.M.S.
9 letters, 1949-1966
University College, London

Weishampel, David
8 letters, 1981-1987
Florida International University
University of Pennsylvania

Wellnhofer, Peter
5 letters, 1970-1977
Bayerische Staatssammlung fur Palaontologie und historiche Geologie

Westoll, Stanley T.
11 letters, 1949-1976
University of Durham, England
Harvard University

Wetherhill, Milton
4 letters, 1967-1969
Museum of Northern Arizona

Theodore E. White
12 letters, 1939-1961
Harvard College
Dinosaur National Monument

Whitmore, Frank G.
9 letters, 1947-1968

Wiffen, Joan
10 letters, 1980-1987

Wild, Rupert
19 letters, 1976-1988
Staatliches Museum fur Naturkunde, Stuttgart

Wilson, Jack
16 letters, 1946-1951
University of Texas
Society of Vertebrate Paleontology

Wood, Albert E.
6 letters, 1952-1968
Amherst College

Wood, John F.
4 letters, 1960
Corning Daily Observer, Corning California

Wright, Nelda E.
6 letters, 1951-1973
Harvard University

Yadon, Vernal L.
19 letters, 1958-1962

Yang, Dianne
35 letters, 1981-1984

Young, Chung-chien
5 letters, 1947-1955
National Geological Survey of China

Zangerl, Rainer
11 letters, 1947-1973
Chicago Natural History Museum Field Museum of Natural History

Zanon, Robert
21 letters, 1984-1989
University of Chicago

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