Machine Number
Arbitrary number assigned to each locality
Analysis Unit
Name of the smallest subdivision containing the fauna
Age ID
Arbitrary number assigned to each date in an Analysis Unit so that more than one date can be entered
Associated Date
Numerical date(s) for the Analysis Unit

Standard Deviation
Standard deviation for the associated data
Dating Method
Four-character code used to obtain the associated date
Material Type
Type of material dated
Acronym for the laboratory that processed the date and laboratory number
Date Position
The vertical position of the associated data in the Analysis Unit
Confidence of Date
Confidence of the date as recorded in the site references
Bibliography number of information


*Use of this resource in publications should be cited as:
Carrasco, M.A., B.P. Kraatz, E.B. Davis, and A.D. Barnosky. 2005. Miocene Mammal Mapping Project (MIOMAP). University of California Museum of Paleontology https://ucmp.berkeley.edu/miomap/