The database was produced with the principal goal of conducting research on how major disruptions to the physical environment affected species richness, evolutionary patterns, and biogeographic patterns in mammals from approximately 30 million to 5 million years ago (Arikareean through Hemphillian Land-Mammal Ages). Environmental disruptions of interest include middle Miocene tectonism in the northern Rocky Mountains and Great Basin, and climatic warming events of the late Oligocene and mid-Miocene. MIOMAP researchers are exploring the effects of such disruptions on various features of mammal communities, as well as developing ways to compensate for the many biases inherent in analyzing fossil data.

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Carrasco, M.A., B.P. Kraatz, E.B. Davis, and A.D. Barnosky. 2005. Miocene Mammal Mapping Project (MIOMAP). University of California Museum of Paleontology https://ucmp.berkeley.edu/miomap/