UCMP News August 2003 issue

Analyzing Mt. Diablo fossils |  New “skeletons” at UCMP |  BNHM hosts NSCA meeting | 
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Dave Lindberg with Bill Clemens
Dave Lindberg (left) passes the Directorship of UCMP on to Bill Clemens, along with a smile and perhaps a few words of wisdom. See Dave’s parting letter. (photo by Colleen Whitney)

Analyzing the fossils of Mt. Diablo

Grad student Sarah Rieboldt examines the paleontological resources of the East Bay’s most prominent landmark.

New skeletons in UCMP’s closet
“Skeletonized” leaves aid paleobotanists.

To past issues

  BNHM hosts Natural Science Collections Alliance meeting
Focusing on the challenges and opportunities facing natural history museums.

UCMP receives large vertebrate collection from UC Riverside

New faces at UCMP
Meet two new staff members.

Letter from the Director
Changes in the UCMP lineage
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