New faces at UCMP


Josh Frankel joined UCMP in June to contribute his talents to web-based education and outreach projects. Josh is not new to UC or even to UCMP. He graduated from the Department of Integrative Biology in 1996 and even worked for a year as a curatorial assistant unpacking, cleaning, and reconstructing fossil specimens from our collections. However, his artistic interests and web skills soon led him to a career in web design for numerous commercial projects. We are delighted that he never lost his interest in biology and found his way back to UCMP.

Josh Frankel
Josh Frankel (photo by Frank Kim)

Robin Walker is the new face you see as you walk in the front door to UCMP, taking over as our Office Manager. She comes to us from her posittion on the campus as Program Manager for the Center for the Study of Sexual Culture and the Beatrice Bain Research Group on Gender. She, too is no stranger to UCMP, as during her žspareÓ time last year she interned at the Museum, helping organize many of our archival materials. Robin is interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Museum Studies in 2004, but we will enjoy her efficient energies and enthusiasm for as long as we can!

Robin Walker
Robin Walker (photo by Dave Smith)

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August, 2003