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Welcome to our new grad students and postdocs!

To the Hickman Lab:
Jann Elizabeth Vendetti received a B.A. in Biology and Geology (cum laude) from Colgate University in 2001. She is broadly interested in paleoecological interactions between ancient invertebrates and their environments.

To the Caldwell Lab:
Becky Williams has a Masters from Utah State University where she worked on evolutionary arms races between salamanders employing a deadly neurotoxin and garter snakes evolving resistance to that toxin. At UCB she will be studying a similar situation in blue-ringed octopus and stomatopod crustaceans.

Liz McKinzie received her B.S. from the University of Virginia. She will be looking at marine invertebrates studying aspects of population structure and dispersal.

To the Lipps Lab:
Dr. Yurika Ujiie is a Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science post-doctoral Fellow, and comes to UCMP from the Ocean Sciences group at the University of Tokyo. Her area of research is the Late Cenozoic paleoceanography of the Pacific Ocean.

Michele Weber has moved next door from Molecular Cell Biology and her graduate work will focus on problems associated with coral reefs.
Scott Faye received his bachelorís degree from UC Santa Cruz and then worked in a molecular-immunological lab at Columbia University. He will be working on the relationships between photosymbionts and reef organisms.

To the Lindberg Lab:
Nat Hallinan, a developmental biologist, comes to us from UCLA and will be working on mollusc development.

Congratulations are due!

Ken Angielczyk received an NSF postdoctoral fellowship in interdisciplinary informatics and will be working with Peter Roopnarine at the California Academy of Sciences, looking at using geometric morphometrics to quantify and remove distortion in fossils.

Audrey Aronowsky will be heading off to Louisiana State University in October to work as a postdoc with Laurie Anderson in the Department of Geology and Geophysics.

Emina Begovic received the award for best student paper at the Malacological Society of London ěLimpets 2003î meeting, held at Milport, Scotland.

Henry Gilbert was the winner of the George D. Louderback Award for his work on the Middle Awash project in Ethiopia, his graduate work, and his contributions to the field of vertebrate paleontology.

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