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web spider graphic A Paleontological Portal
Just about two years ago, we looked at this map (below) produced by the US Geological Survey in Menlo Park and marveled at how great it would be if this were an interactive web-based map that allowed you to explore any place in the United States in any time period to see what life was like.
USA Tapestry map
Today we are making it happen. Tapestry of Times Past is a joint project with the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, the Paleontological Society, and the US Geologic Survey and funded by the National Science Foundation. Described as a paleontological portal, Tapestry will provide users access to the paleontological and geological history of any state with links to current research, exhibits, and more. Our target date for public viewing is November of 2003, but you can get a sneak preview to see what we are up to—then stay tuned!


Photos enrich collections database
The number of photos available online at the UCMP website is growing by leaps and bounds as staff and students add images to the collections database. Search for photos here.
Fossil camel jaw
A jaw from Pseudaelurus, a Miocene cat. (photo by Brian Kraatz)

UCMP website featured
The UCMP website is the Featured Collection in the July/August issue of D-Lib Magazine, an electronic publication with a primary focus on digital library research and development. Read the article.

A thank-you received earlier this year
I just had to write to say thanks for your department’s amazing website. I’ve previously forwarded the “Three Domains of Life” explanation to fellow education students to whom the five kingdoms was even a new thing. Tonight I was excited to find the extensive resources of the “timeform” site and “History of Evolutionary Thought” as I prepare lessons for my 7th grade biology class. Keep up the good work!

[An Ecology and Evolutionary Biology graduate and current student teacher]

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August, 2003