National Science Standards Matrix

Name of Activity Suggested Grade Level Content Standards Other
K-4 5-8 9-12 A B C D E F G H
Building a Topo Model Math
Climate Analysis Using Forams Math
Determining Ages Of Rocks... Math
Dino Facts
Dinosaur Body Structure
Dinosaur Names Eng/Art
Fossilization and Adaptation Eng/Art
Inferring Ancient Environments Math/Geog
Interpreting Paleoenvironments Math/Geog
Island Biogegraphy Math/Geog
Model Of Sea Floor Spreading
Monster Math Math
Paleo Cookie Dig Math
Round Rocks
Sequencing Time — What Came 1st?
Submarine Mountains
Tennis Shoe Detectives Eng
Tracking Global Climate Change Math/Geog
Two Kinds Of Dinosaurs
Where Can I See the Sea
Who's On First?
= Suggested Grade Level
= Extended Grade Level
Content Standards
A = Unifying Concepts and Processes
B = Science as Inquiry
C = Physical Science
D = Life Science
E = Earth and Space Science
F = Science and Technology
G = Science in Personal and Social Perspectives
H = History and Nature of Science
= Major Emphasis In Content
= Minor Emphasis In Content

Other Learning From the Fossil Record Areas

Paleontology and Scientific Literacy
Why are fossils important to science and society?

Learning From the Fossil Record
A handy list of student activities

National Science Standards Matrix
Suggested grade levels for and content of activities

The Geologic Time Scale