[Laboratory I -- Introduction to Plant Structure]


The Stele

2:1 Psilotum protostele.
2:2 Psilotum lobed protostele in transverse section.
2:3 Pteridium siphonostele with leaf gaps.
2:4 Helianthus (sunflower) dicot type eustele.
2:5 Zea (corn) has a monocot type eustele.
2:6 Cross section of Lycopodium stele showing exarch xylem maturation.
2:7 Endarch xylem maturation in Zea (corn) - a monocot.
2:8 Mesarch xylem maturation in Pteridium
2:9 Transverse section of a Pinus stem, showing the position and relative amounts of primary verus secondary tissue.
2:10 Pinus stem; closeup on transverse section.
2:11 Pinus stem; closeup on longitudinalsection.
2:12 Pinus stem; closeup on tangential section.

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