[Laboratory I -- Introduction to Plant Structure]


Basic Organization

1:1 Monocot leaf in transverse section.
1:2 Dicot leaf in transverse section.
1:3 Psilotumsporangia in longitudinal section.
Ranunculus root in transverse section.

Plant Cell and Tissue Types

The Organism -- Building a Plant

1:5 Transverse section of vascular bundle of Helianthus (an angiosperm) showing basic tissue types.
1:6 Radial section of Pelargonium (angiosperm) stem, showing basic tissue types.
1:7 Transverse section of Ranunculus (angiosperm) primary phloem, showing sieve tube cells with companion cells.
1:8 Macerated wood.
1:9 Lycopodium stem in longitudinal section

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