The lab manual which this collection of web pages is based on was originally written by Professor Nan Crystal Arens(email:>email; homepage). It has subsequently been modified by N C Arens, C Strömberg (email: and A Thompson (email: during the summer of 1998.

The HTML was written by C Strömberg with lots of help from Rob Guralnick, Brian Simison, Brian Speer and Alicia Cordero.

The cladogram on the Virtual Paleobotany Lab Directory Page is assembled from a number of sources in the primary literature:

Many line drawings are based on illustrations from the paleobotanical literature, including Taylor & Taylor (1993), Stewart & Rothwell (1993), Foster & Gifford (1988), and Raven et al. (1992). The schematic fern is based on an illustration used by Professor Don Kaplan in teaching and primary literature. Drawings by C Strömberg.

The images in the Virtual Galleries are prepared by C Strömberg, A Thompson and N C Arens with great help of Wai Pang Chan in the Scientific Visualization Center, VLSB, as well as Jim Hendel. The majority of the specimens photographed, both fossils and slides, belong to the UC Berkeley paleobotanical teaching collection. This collection was donated in large part by Alfred Traverse, Emeritus Professor at The Pennsylvania State University, Department of GeoSciences. The Department of Plant and Microbial Biology at UC Berkeley generously loaned a number of their anatomical slides.; a few of the specimens were made available by the UC Museum of Paleontology (Sanmiguelia lewisii). Additional photographs by N C Arens.

This work was made possible by the help and participation of the UCMP and its associates, as well as the Department of Integrative Biology. It is funded by a grant from the Intercampus Academic Program Incentive Fund of the University of California in collaboration with Professor Bruce Tiffney at UC Santa Barbara and the UCMP. We are greatly indebted to all.