These maps show the localities that were used in the paper published by Barnosky (2001) in Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology 21:172-185. Barnosky extracted the data from literature published prior to 2000 and augmented it with unpublished identifications (by Barnosky) of taxa from Hepburn's Mesa, MT. These data were later updated to follow all MIOMAP conventions before they were entered into the database; thus, what you see in the MIOMAP searches will differ in some details from what was used in this early publication.

Northern U.S. Rocky Mountains Miocene Collecting Areas

Arikareean 1 Hemingfordian 1 Barstovian 1
Arikareean 2 Hemingfordian 2 & 3 Barstovian 2
Arikareean 3   Barstovian 3
Arikareean 4    

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Carrasco, M.A., B.P. Kraatz, E.B. Davis, and A.D. Barnosky. 2005. Miocene Mammal Mapping Project (MIOMAP). University of California Museum of Paleontology