The FAUNMAP database was completed in two parts: FAUNMAP I, which spans the time period from 40,000 years ago to 500 years ago, and FAUNMAP II, which covers the period from about five million years ago to 40,000 years ago.

Now united into a single searchable database, FAUNMAP was produced with the principal goal of examining changes in mammalian community composition over the past five million years (Pliocene through Holocene to address three fundamental ecological questions:

  1. Do mammalian communities respond to environmental changes as tightly linked, highly coevolved assemblages of species or do they respond as individual species in accordance with their own tolerance limits?

  2. How has provinciality of mammalian distributions changed?

  3. Have environments become more or less patchy?

Want to use FAUNMAP linked to pollen and insect databases? Try the Neotoma database.

Use of this resource in publications should be cited as:
Graham, R.W., and E.L. Lundelius, Jr. 2010. FAUNMAP II: New data for North America with a temporal extension for the Blancan, Irvingtonian and early Rancholabrean. FAUNMAP II Database, version 1.0 this website.