Life Has a History

Getting started

Life Has a History provides students with an introduction to the history of life and how it results in the biodiversity of today. During this tour students learn about geologic time, fossils, ancestral relationships, cladograms, variation, natural selection, and extinction.

Time requirements

  • Teacher Preparation: 60 minutes to review the Teacher's Guide and Tour.
  • Class Time: 45-60 minutes depending on use of the Tour and student learning and reading levels.

Grade level

Life Has a History is designed for two different levels.

  • Level One is written for grades K-4.
  • Level Two is written for grades 5-12.

These recommendations are dependent on student learning and reading levels.

Preparation steps

We recommend that you follow these steps before using the module with your students.

  1. Read the Overview which provides a summary of the module.

  2. Check the Technology Requirements.

  3. Review the Standards aligned with the module.

  4. Learn how to Navigate through the Tour.

  5. Try out the student version of Life Has a History.