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Richard L. Sedlock

BAESI and San Jose State University

Richard L. Sedlock is an Associate Professor of Geology in the Department of Geology at San Josť State University, where he has been a faculty member since 1992. Dr. Sedlock hails from Cleveland, Ohio (returning only for weddings and funerals), and received a bachelor's degree from Northwestern University, a Master's from UC-Santa Barbara, and a Ph.D. from Stanford. He and Dr. Ellen Metzger co-direct the Bay Area Earth Science Institute (BAESI), a teacher enhancement program (www.baesi.org) that offers year-round workshops for regular academic credit on a variety of standards-based topics. Dr. Sedlock's research focuses on (1) the Mesozoic geology of western Baja California (blueschists and ophiolites), and (2) active faulting in the Bay Area. He teaches courses in structural geology, field geology (including summer field camp in Baja), earthquakes and volcanoes, and integrated earth sciences.


updated February 11, 2002

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