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Judy Scotchmoor

UC Museum of Paleontology

Judy Scotchmoor received her BS in Biological Sciences from UC Berkeley in 1966 and her Secondary Teaching Credential from Hayward State University the following year. After 25 years of teaching math and science to 7th and the graders, Judy returned to her alma mater and is now Director of Education and Public Programs at the UC Museum of Paleontology. With her experience in the classroom, it is not unusual that among her many roles at the museum, her primary interest is in the use of paleontology and technology as vehicles for improving science education in the classroom.

She is currently the Project Coordinator of two NSF-funded programs - Explorations Through Time and Understanding Evolution; Project Coordinator of ISTAT (Integrating Science Teaching, and Technology), co-chair of the Science Coalition, and a Director of the California Science Teachers Association. She is Co-Chair of the Education Committee of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology and is editor and co-author of two resource books for teachers, "Learning from the Fossil Record" and "Evolution: Investigating the Evidence".


updated February 11, 2002

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