Dilophosaurus Habits

Dilophosaurus features
Click to hear narration "He was a very powerful animal. He probably stood about eight feet high — body about the weight of a small horse with long, strong hind legs; forelimbs with hand that were flexible, with an opposable thumb…much like we have, so he can grasp a prey."
Click to hear narration "His hind legs, his feet, were armed with very powerful claws and were probably used as weapons as well as for locomotion. He was bipedal of course, and probably a very rapid runner."
Click to hear narration "I don't know the significance of the crests, probably either ornamental or sexual. The strange thing about the animal is the attachment of the premax (at the tip of the upper jaw) to the maxillary (main upper jaw) bones…a very weak attachment such that the very sharp teeth could not have been used very much for stabbing. They could have been used for plucking."
Click to hear narration "He would have had to kill, if he killed, with his hands and feet, and then pluck the meat from the carcass. He was probably a group animal, in that we found three together. They probably moved around in small herds of family groups, covering a lot of territory because of the ability to travel and to move rapidly."

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Dilophosaurus, the Actor

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