Dilophosaurus, the Actor

Sam and Jurassic Park
Click to hear narration "It was quite a thrill to see Dilophosaurus as an actor in Jurassic Park. He came on strong. The only two things I would question were his ability to spit poison forward. We have no evidence of there being poison…"
Click to hear narration "… and the other thing is, the erection of the neck frill. The cervical vertebrae on Dilophosaurus are very long, and they are one under the other, making a very strong support down the side of the neck".
Click to hear narration "And there is also a short anterior projection of these vertebrae (or ribs) which would make it impossible for the animal to erect a crest".
Click to hear narration "These are minor points and these are good showmanship. I enjoyed the movie thoroughly and was very happy to find Dilophosaurus an internationally known actor."

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