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Hesperogaulus jaw
Two views of the jaw of Hesperogaulus shotwelli, a newly described species from the Miocene of Humboldt County, Nevada; UCMP specimen number 320004. The scale bar is 1 cm.
More new faces at UCMP
Museum Scientist Erica Clites and prep lab manager Jason Carr

New species from the drawers of UCMP
New taxa from previously undescribed specimens

2012 UCMP publications
Peer-reviewed publications by the faculty, staff, and students at UCMP

A salute to the Engdahl family
Honored for their multi-generational support of paleontological research and education

The oldest dinosaur?
Pushing dinosaur origins back to the Middle Triassic

Letter from the Director
A few words from Charles Marshall.

Notes concerning the people of UCMP.

Web notes and calendar
The latest about UCMP's websites and upcoming events

Friends of UCMP
UCMP benefactors

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Online newsletters from September 1999 to present

Hesperogaulus photos by Pat Holroyd