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Web notes & Calendar, January 2013

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The East Bay Science Café

Saturday, February 23
Unraveling the Genome: What we've learned and why it matters — UCMP's next annual short course. Learn more about it.

Saturday, April 20
Cal Day: UCMP's Cal Day open house — A day of family fun, displays, tours, and more. Watch our website for more details.

Monday-Friday, July 29-August 2
Think evolution V: a summer institute for science educators — Five fun-filled days of evolutionary explorations with biologists and educators at the University of California. Watch our website for more details.


Posted on the California Academy of Science website about the Understanding Science "How Science Works Flowchart:"

This is a fantastic overview of a great conceptual flow chart. I really like the explanation with spider discovery. It makes me wonder if you (or someone) could do a similar bit albeit a bit longer with climate change? What I really appreciate about this flow chart and explanation is that it gets to the rigor behind the scientific endeavor which I believe isn't well understood in the general public.

On Understanding Evolution:

I simply want to thank all involved in this project — I have used it in introductory college courses in the past, and just stopped by to take a look again as I prepare to use it in the next few weeks to help geology students learn about evolution. I believe I am seeing some new material on cladograms (or I didn't appreciate it before!) and need to say in particular, that those pages are EXCELLENT, truly the best freely available resource out there. Thanks, thanks, thanks!
— Professor, Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Central Michigan University