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UCMP newsletter for September 2006

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Randy Irmis and Sterling 
Nesbitt work in a New Mexico quarry
Grad students Randy Irmis (left) and Sterling Nesbitt (former Berkeley undergrad, now at Columbia) at work in a New Mexico quarry. Find out more about the summer adventures they, and other members of the UCMP community, had this year.
Annie Alexander 
on a 1910 field trip to Oregon A fossil leaf from 
the La Porte locality south of Quincy, California
Read about Annie Alexander's role in the creation of UCMP in our continuing series on UCMP's history and a rewarding paleobotany field trip to the northern Sierra Nevada.
UCMP's summer adventures 2006
Summer vacations? Not for many UCMP faculty, staff, and students.

Merriam & Alexander: the emergence of a museum
Part 3 in a series on the history of UCMP.

UCMP cosponsors Botany 2006 paleobotany field trip
A three-day excursion to northern Sierra Nevada fossil localities.

Caldwell appointed Director of UCMP
No longer an Interim Director, Roy Caldwell takes charge.

New grants for UCMP Education & Outreach
Notification of two awards.

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Field photo courtesy of Randy Irmis; Annie Alexander from UCMP archives; fossil leaf by Yuri Panchul.