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About UCMP

The history of UCMP

These pages provide a look into the history of the UC Museum of Paleontology and of paleontology at Cal in general, from the early 1870s to the present.

Bacon and South Halls

The history and development of UCMP
Excerpts from a paper researched and written in 2004 by Professor Jere Lipps. A six-part series.

Joseph LeConte

Important figures in the history of UCMP

Annie Alexander on John Merriam's 1905 'Saurian Expedition'

Historic adventures in the field
Photos and descriptions of important UCMP fossil-collecting expeditions

Worker hired under the WPA program cleans up a large mammal jaw, c. 1938

UCMP archival collections
Historical photos, library holdings, letters and correspondence, field notes, etc.
Search the archives database.