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UCMP graduate student Ben Waggoner was the original creator of these pages. Rob Guralnick created the interactive database interface used to create the on-line certificates (no longer accessible).

Data for the virtual certificates were compiled by Judy Scotchmoor, who also coordinated the drawings and stories contest. Our thanks to the many students who entered this contest; some of their artwork is reproduced on these pages.

The original "Meet T. rex" and "Tarbosaurus bataar" pages were created from photographs and information provided by David Polly, Sergei Lavrov, Rob Guralnick, Allen Collins, Greg Erickson and Tony Fiorillo. Additional images were provided by Judy Scotchmoor and Anne Weil. Chris Bell, Mark Goodwin, Brian Speer and Pat Holroyd provided feedback and constructive criticism.

7/14/00 — Redesign by David Smith. Minor text editing and image modification/replacement was also done.

11/8/05 — Dave Smith applied the UCMP style sheet, added the footer includes, minor design modifications.

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