The Art of Tyrannosaurus
and Other Dinosaurs

An important part of UCMP's T. rex Expo was the Drawings and Stories Contest for children in grades K–5. Children from schools in the Berkeley area were asked to "Draw a Diplodocus" or "Tell a Tale of T. rex." We received numerous excellent drawings of a wide variety of dinosaurs and other prehistoric critters. We can't exhibit every one of them, but here are some of the prize-winning drawings from our contest.

Click on any of the smaller pictures to see a larger version. Even with JPEG compression, some of these files are about 300K, and may take a few moments to download.


Dino by volcano

"Coelophysis attacking one of the first carnivorous theropods (yet to be discovered) during the Triassic period"
Derek Wilairat, age 10 1/2, Grade 5, Malcolm X Intermediate School, Berkeley, California
"Dinosaur by the Volcano"
Zhuo Min Lin, age 11, Grade 5, Lincoln School, Oakland, California
Joel Blevins, age 10, Grade 4, Calvary Lutheran School, San Lorenzo, California
Stegosaurus Dinos Sleep Hungry Deinonychuses
Ella Bacon, age 9, Grade 3, Jefferson Elementary School, Berkeley, California
"The Dinosaurs Sleep"
Makala Keys, age 6, Kindergarten, Marguerite Hahn Elementary, Rohnert Park, California
"Hungry Deinonychuses"
Mikka Stifler, age 5, Kindergarten, Marin Country Day School, Corte Madera, California
Guarding the egg Munching Stegy Raptr
"Guarding the Egg"
Michael A. Hodges, age 7, Grade 1, Edison School, Alameda, California
"Munching Stegy"
Nicholas A. Hodges, age 6, Grade 1, Edison School, Alameda, California
Max Williams, age 7 1/2, Grade 2, Jefferson Elementary, Berkeley, California
T. rex Expo

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