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Tertiary Mammals at PIN


At the right is Chalicotherium schlosseri, from the late Miocene of Kazakhstan. Behind it is Gomphotherium atavus, a relative of elephants and mastodons, from the early Miocene of Kazakhstan.


On the left is Indricotherium transouralicum, the largest land mammal ever to live, standing 13 feet (or over 4 meters) at the shoulder. It is difficult to tell how large the animal was in this picture, but its head almost reaches the ceiling of the hall in which it is standing. The indricotheres are distant relatives of rhinoceroses. This skeleton is from the Middle Oligocene of Kazakhstan.

Dr. Alexander Lavrov, a scientist at the PIN who studies Tertiary Mammals, directed the photographing of the PIN fossils for this exhibit.

Alexander Lavrov

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