Letter from the Interim Director
by Bill Clemens
Bill Clemens; photo by Colleen Whitney
In the few months since the last issue of UCMP News, life around the museum has been charged with a feeling of accomplishment. As you have read on previous pages (see Tidbits), three of our colleagues were recipients of special honors. Four of our students completed their graduate degrees and new grants have been awarded to members of UCMP’s community.
Additional awards warrant special recognition: Robert Feranec received an Annie M. Alexander Scholarship, Jackie Moustakas received a Frank E. Peabody Memorial Fellowship and Sarah Rieboldt was awarded the Dorothy K. Palmer Prize. Travel grants made possible by the Doris and Samuel P. Welles Endowment continue to bring graduate students and young faculty members from other universities to UCMP. Through conversations over
trays of fossils and special seminars they add to the breadth of our research program. All of these awards and grants are made possible through endowments left to the museum.
In these times of decreasing financial support from the state, it is the income from these special endowments and your gifts of time and money that make it possible to enrich UCMP’s programs in teaching, research, and outreach. All of us at the museum are deeply grateful for the gifts from the Mary Rose Peck Trust and from our many Friends of UCMP. They will support our efforts to continue to improve the quality and expand the scope of our programs. Thank you!

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January, 2004