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We would like to welcome the following new or renewing members to our Friends of UCMP:

Nestor John Sander
Dorothy and Bill Clemens
Doug and Sally Clarke
Mrs. William W. Fox
Stephen Hoffman
Dr. Zhexi Luo and Xudong Feng
Dr. Todd Olson
James and Harriet Sanders
Judy Scotchmoor
Mr. and Mrs. Max Thelen Jr.
Frank and Lynn Tracadas
Dorothy Tregea
Paul Babwin
Jim Bonsey
Dr. E. Patrick Creehan
Sue H. Hoey
Joseph W. Huston
Robert W. Kirby Jr.
Sandy and Ronald Linder
Donald and Paula Lindsay
Wilma Russell
Bruce Townley
Eleanor and J. Hugh Visser
Clarence and Carol Weinmann
Jennifer Berke
Ladd and Linda Coates
Mary Jane Holmes
Bettina Hughes
Al, Sharon, and Tara Janulaw
David and Joan Jenkins
Kent Lightfoot and Roberta Jewett
Monzell Louke
Jim Ostdick
Frank Perry
Rebecca Robinson
Mary W. Small
Scott Starratt
Jack and Mary Stirton
Judith Tate
William Warner

A gift from the
Mary Rose Peck Trust

Joseph H. Peck came to the UCMP after World War II and his interest in the evolution of ammonites, along with his talents as a preparator, contributed significantly to the museum’s curatorial and research programs in invertebrate paleontology. Joe’s work at UCMP began in attic rooms in the Hearst Mining Building and then he facilitated the museum move to what is now McCone Hall in the 1960s. He was Principal Museum Scientist at the time of his retirement in December 1979 and passed away in 1982. His widow, Mary Rose Peck, died last spring. We recently received news that she left UCMP a gift of $10,000 in Joe’s honor. All of us are deeply grateful for this gift, which will be invested to enrich our programs and to honor and remember Joe’s many contributions to UCMP.

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January, 2004