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Bill Clemens and company at the Engdahl ranch
For many summers, Bill’s field camp was at the Engdahl Ranch, Jordan, Montana. Here’s Bill with the Engdahl family, UCMP staff, and grad students in 1979. Front row, from left: Mark Goodwin, UCMP, now our Principal Museum Scientist; Kathy Engdahl; Michael Greenwald, UCMP, now a Research Scientist at the Museum of Geology, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology; Lowell Dingus, Bill’s graduate student, now an author and Research Associate at the American Museum of Natural History. Back row, from left: Jane Engdahl; Bob Engdahl; Dwayne Engdahl; Bill Clemens; David Archibald, Bill’s former graduate student (visiting while finishing up a postdoc at Yale), now a professor at San Diego State University. (photo courtesy of Mark Goodwin)

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UCMP salutes Bill Clemens

A look at the career and legacy left behind by Bill Clemens as he prepares for retirement.

The Evolution Solution
A new UCMP short course set for March 8.

2002 UCMP publications
Another year of publications from UCMP faculty, staff, and students.

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