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We made it to Peterson’s Picks!

web spider graphicPeterson’s Picks are web sites deemed worthy of attention for all birders. They describe the UCMP site in this way: “Is your education on the paleontology and systematics of birds getting a little dated? Time for a refresher? Up for a short course on birds? Don’t become a fossil! Let The University of California Museum of Paleontology’s pages, Introduction to Aves—The Birds, bring you into the 90s.”


Upcoming events

Saturday, December 1
Evolution: Investigating the Evidence: A teacher workshop at the Oakland Museum of California

March 16–17, 2002
Back to the Future: The History of San Francisco Bay: A new UCMP short course and field trip. Stay tuned for details!

February 9–10, 2002
Getting to the “Roots” of Plant Evolution: Genomics and the Reconstruction of the Tree of Life: A special short course on the tree of life, evolution, phylogenetics, and genomics. For more details, see the website, call (510)643-7008 or e-mail smarkos@socrates.berkeley.edu.

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November, 2001