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UCMP is committed to working collaboratively with many other organizations both on and off the UC Berkeley campus to carry out its mission. Current examples include:
UCMP and the National Center for Science Education have partnered to develop Understanding Evolution, a comprehensive resource developed to meet the needs of K-12 teachers. The site provides an informal on-line course covering essential science content, as well as a searchable database of resources for the classroom
bnhmlogo UCMP is a member of the Berkeley Natural History Museums, a consortium of six museums on the Berkeley campus. Together, they encompass some of the world's most valuable natural history and anthropology collections. Their unique synthesis of research, teaching, outreach and collections allows in-depth insights into the history and evolution of life.
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UCMP and Moscow's Paleontological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (PIN) initiated a landmark agreement promoting intellectual, technological, and resource exchange in 1993. The agreement includes specimen and cast exchanges, paleontological expeditions in both Russia and North America, exhibit exchanges, data management systems sharing, and student interchange. The purpose of this agreement is to further the understanding of the fossil records in Russia and North America, make available the collections and resources of both institutions, promote field work in both regions for mutual benefit, involve students in the scientific cultures of each country, and promote an understanding of paleontology by the public.



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