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Interested in life and earth sciences? Wonder what kinds of questions paleontologists are tackling today and how these questions help us understand issues affecting our species and the world? Want to find out what goes on behind the doors of UCMP? There are several ways to become informed and involved, both in person and via the Internet. Here's a sampling:

Friends of UCMP

Perhaps you visit the UCMP website often, or you enjoy UCMP events and exhibits in Berkeley. If you believe that UCMP's collections, research, and educational activities are important, consider becoming a Friend of UCMP. Help support research, education, and public outreach at the largest, most interactive university paleontology program in the nation.

Annual Open House

Every April, UCMP opens its doors to visitors during Cal Day, UC Berkeley's annual open house. UCMP's Cal Day events vary from year to year, but usually include tours, lectures, demonstrations and a reception. Check the listing of upcoming special events in the spring for dates and more information. If you're interested in finding out more about Cal Day events all over the UC Berkeley campus, take a look at the official Cal Day website.

Short Courses and Other Events

Each year, normally in the spring, UCMP presents a weekend short course in current topics of interest. The course is appropriate for the general public, and also contains information and activities of particular interest to science teachers. Dates and further information are posted on the schedule of upcoming special events two to three months in advance.



UCMP is primarily a research institution, but a few exhibits are displayed in the atrium of the Valley Life Sciences Building, including the magnificent Tyrannosaurus rex mount you see on our home page. Get more details from our description of the exhibits.

Docent-Led Tours

Guided tours, accompanied by a graduate student docent, are available for school and youth groups during the school year. The tours are scheduled upon availability of a docent.


Be sure to set aside plenty of time to roam the halls of the virtual UCMP! Explore the history of life from three different, but interrelated, perspectives.

Are you interested in finding out more about all kinds of organisms, from enormous dinosaurs down to itty bitty bacteria? You'll love exploring the Phylogeny Wing, where you can follow the connections between groups of organisms—both living and long extinct—to see how they are related and find out more about them.

Perhaps your passion is geology, or you're interested in finding out what life on earth might have been like at a particular point in time. Visit the Geology Wing, to explore the earth through time. Some people click straight to the Jurassic Period, while others climb into the geologic time machine and head for the Archaean Era to investigate the beginnings of life on earth.

If you've been thinking about evolution, you're in good company. Find out more about evolutionary topics and scientists in their historical context by exploring the Evolution Wing.

Don't miss our Special Exhibits. Swim with sharks, learn the secrets of flights, visit the Paleontological Institute of Russia, or meet ferocious sabre-tooths! Need we say more?

Finally, what if you have questions about the science of paleontology, or need to know more about some of the words you encounter during your explorations? We've got three great resources to help you out:
—Our "What is Paleontology?" page
—A list of frequently asked questions about paleontology
—A glossary of terms related to paleontology, biology, geology, and related fields




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