Tapping Educational Resources

An Introduction
Brent H. Breithaupt

Museums: The Underutilized Resource
Brent H. Breithaupt

Students As Museum Scientists
Donald L. Lofgren

Paleontology On the World Wide Web
Steven H. Schimmrich

Dinosaurs Over Distance
R. E. Johnson

Fossils In the Field: Real and "Virtual" Experiences
David H. Griffing and Warren D. Allmon

Why Is the Museum On the Web?
Judy Scotchmoor and Claus Hedegaard

Other Learning From the Fossil Record Areas

Paleontology and Scientific Literacy
Why are fossils important to science and society?

Learning From the Fossil Record
A handy list of student activities

National Science Standards Matrix
Suggested grade levels for and content of activities

The Geologic Time Scale