These are the complete FAUNMAP data files in Excel format.
Download each table by clicking on the link:

Locality    |     Faunal    |     Absolute

If you wish to download a partial version of the data, first conduct a search and then download from the query results.

Note we follow the conventions specified on the taxonomic and temporal standards pages.

Be sure to update the files as appropriate for your purposes. In general, the files reflect our state of knowledge as of April 26, 2010.

Use of this resource in publications should be cited as:
Graham, R.W., and E.L. Lundelius, Jr. 2010. FAUNMAP II: New data for North America with a temporal extension for the Blancan, Irvingtonian and early Rancholabrean. FAUNMAP II Database, version 1.0 this website.