Life Has a History


Life has changed a lot during Earth's long history. These changes have resulted in the large number of different organisms that we see today and those we see in the fossil record.

In this tour, you will learn how and why these changes have occurred.

Collage of life

As you move through the tour, you can find definitions to scientific terms used in the tour by clicking on the terms in purple.

Have fun and enjoy this Tour Through Time!


Fungal spores courtesy of Nan Arens, UCMP; Ediacaran animal (Ediacaria) © Lisa Gershwin, UCMP; Trilobite (Elrathia kingi), early vascular plant (Cooksonia), dragonfly (Protolindenia wittei), seed fern foliage (Alethopteris), ammonite, and turtle © UCMP; Early birds (Confuciusornis) © John Hutchinson, UCMP; Triceratops skull, leaves, mammoth skeleton, and hominid skull by Dave Smith © UCMP; King penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) by Gerald and Buff Corsi, © 2004 California Academy of Sciences.