Life Has a History

LIFE HAS A HISTORY authors/designers

1997 — Ben Waggoner and Brian R. Speer (original design)

1998 — Alicia Cordero and Robert Guralnick (updates)

8/1998 — Judy Scotchmoor, Director of Education and Public Programs, and Jennifer Johnson Collins, Science Educator (further editing and revisions as part of an NSF grant)

7-8/2000 — Judy Scotchmoor, Jennifer Johnson Collins, Anne Monk, and Colleen Whitney (editing, redesign); David Smith (splash page, banners, additional graphics); Caroline Stromberg (editing, some graphics)

8/2001 — Rishi Verma and Colleen Whitney (minor design changes based on field test data)

12/2005-1/2006 — Dave Smith (complete redesign, some new graphics, many new photos, combining of levels 2 and 3); new version posted 7/18/06

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