Dilophosaurus Discovered

Sam in the field with Dilophosaurus
Click to hear narration "In the summer of 1942 Dr. Camp and I were on a joint expedition into the Navajo country. He was working in the Permian beds of Monument Valley and I in Moenkopi beds near Cameron."
Click to hear narration "At the end of summer after finding a lot of material in both of these lower formations, Dr. Camp had to return to Berkeley, and he asked me to look up the report of a skeleton found in the Kayenta Formation, which might possibly be dinosaurian."
Click to hear narration "I tried to find this and failed, and went to see Richard Curry, who was then the owner of the trading post at the foot of the Tuba City grave. He got hold of Jesse Williams, a Navajo who had discovered these bones in 1940, and they both took me out to this site, and with Bill Rush and Ed Kott, we set up camp and decided to go ahead and excavate."
Click to hear narration "There were three dinosaurs in a triangle about twenty feet apart and one was almost worthless having been completely eroded. The second was a good skeleton showing everything except the front part of the skull."
Click to hear narration "The third gave us the front part of the skull and much of the front part of the skeleton. These we collected in a ten day rush job, loaded them into the car, and brought them back to Berkeley."

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