Secrets of the Stomatopod—An Underwater Research Adventure Stomatopod

Roy Caldwell

Although Roy Caldwell grew up on a farm in Iowa, and didn’t see the ocean until he was 21 years old, he is now a well-traveled marine biologist, and has specialized in studying different aspects of stomatopods and other tropical marine invertebrates.

Roy digging for stomatopods
Dr. Caldwell digging in the sand in front of the Aquarius, in search of burrowing stomatopods

Roy Caldwell
Dr. Roy Caldwell on the prowl for stomatopods off Lizard Island, Australia

Roy Caldwell was recently interviewed about stomatopods in general and his Aquarius mission as part of UC Berkeley’s “Conversations with History” series. For a transcript of the interview, click to the globetrotter website.

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