Secrets of the Stomatopod—An Underwater Research Adventure Stomatopod

Here’s lookin’ at YOU!

The eyes of some groups of stomatopods are probably the most complex in the animal kingdom.

Stomatopod eyes are unusual for several reasons:

  • they have stereo vision with just one eye;
  • each eye is up on a stalk, with a wide range of motion;
  • stomatopods have up to 16 visual pigments (in contrast, we humans have three—red, blue, and yellow);
  • stomatopods can also see ultra-violet and infra-red light, and some can even see polarized light.

Find out more about two very interesting features of stomatopod vision: the arrangement of their eyes, and the ability to see polarized light.

Stomatopod eyes
The compound eyes of a stomatopod are elevated on movable stalks.

Closeup of eyes
A close-up view of the thousands of visual elements in stomatopod eyes.

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