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The Clear Lake drilling project

The drilling barge on Clear Lake and paleobotanist Cindy Looy shows off one of the drill cores

Left: The drilling barge on Clear Lake. Right: Paleobotanist Cindy Looy shows off one of the drill cores.

UCMP's Cindy Looy is leading this effort — one of seven research projects involving global change forecasting and funded by a grant from the Gordon and Betty More Foundation to UC Berkeley's Berkeley Initiative in Global Change Biology, (see the January 2012 UCMP News article). Cindy and colleagues will be examining cores taken from the lake sediments for clues about changes to the plant and animal communities, as well as the lake itself, in response to "natural" global warming events stretching back as far as 500,000 years. To learn more about this project, visit the UCMP website for press releases, photos of the drilling operations, and daily dispatches sent in by Ivo Duijnstee.

Photo of drilling barge by Cindy Looy; photo of Cindy by Alan Delahunty