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Jenny McGuire at Glacier National Park in Montana
Graduate student Jenny McGuire admires glacially polished stromatolite fossils at Glacier National Park in Montana.
UCMP's 2009 summer adventures
Once again, the summer was a busy time for UCMP grad students, staff, and faculty, filled with travel, research, writing, and more.

UCMP was well represented at the 9th North American Paleontological Convention held at the University of Cincinnati this summer.

Changes at UCMP: Two retired and two hired
Faculty curators Carole Hickman and Jere Lipps may have retired but paleobotanist Cindy Looy and evolutionary biologist Charles Marshall are coming to UCMP.

Many thanks to our volunteers
UCMP is grateful to our summer volunteers, Danny Anduza and Matt Perry.

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Photo courtesy of Jenny McGuire