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Friends of UCMP

We are extremely grateful to all of Joe's colleagues, former students, and friends who have generously given to the Joseph T. Gregory Fellowship in his honor. We are fast approaching the targeted amount that will allow us to provide an annual award to a graduate student associated with UCMP working in the area of vertebrate paleontology. We hope you will help us to reach that goal. If you are interested in making a donation to the Joseph T. Gregory Fellowship, please contact Bill Clemens or Judy Scotchmoor.

We would like to welcome the following new or renewing members to our Friends of UCMP:

Zhe-Xi Luo and Sharon Feng*
Robert Mendez
Dennis M. Bramble*
Ernest Lundelius, Jr.*
Walter Alvarez*
Douglas Clarke and Sally Jo Rosenbusch-Clarke
Everett Lindsay*
Donald Lofgren*
Carol Munson
Bruce and Jeanette MacFadden*
James and Harriet Sanders
Marvalee and David Wake*
Joseph and Susan Cerny
Dennis Fenwick and Martha Lewis
Mark Goodwin*

*designates a donation to the Joseph T. Gregory Fellowship

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