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Saturday, February 9, 2008
Global climate change and its influence on evolution — The 2008 UCMP short course. See the short course webpage for more details.

February 9–13, 2008
Campuswide Darwin Day events

Thursday, March 13, April 3, May 8, 2008
Bay Area Science Forum (BASF)

Saturday, April 12, 2008
UCMP Cal Day open house — watch our website for schedule of events.

We hope you have been enjoying an addition to the UCMP website: Field Notes, in which members of the UCMP community share accounts of their adventures and findings in the field.

Did you know that the pyramids of Egypt are made of forams?
Did you know that the pyramids of Egypt are made of forams? Read about Lorraine Casazza's adventures in and around the Red Sea.
Currently featured on the UCMP home page, you will find a fascinating account sent to us from Graduate student Lorraine Casazza, who is studying the largest foraminiferans that have ever lived … and she finds them in the pyramids of Egypt! You can also enjoy field notes sent to us from Stephanie Bush on her studies of deep sea squid, Randy Irmis about his dinosaur excavations at the Hayden Quarry in New Mexico, Nick Pyenson and David Haasl on their studies of the first fossil whalefall community, and Diane Erwin and Howard Schorn's accounting of their three-day excursion to several Tertiary fossil plant localities throughout the western slope of the northern Sierra.

Beginning in 2008, we will be following the travels of Mark Goodwin as he continues his research in Ethiopia, so stay tuned!

Photo by Lorraine Casazza, UCMP.