[Laboratory III -- Plant Fossils and Their Preservation]


Types of Plant Fossils

1:1 Compression / impression.
1:2 Fossil cuticle.
1:3 Impression of leaves with clay film in the Cretaceous Dakota Sandstone.
Cast of Quercus acorn.
1:5 Cast of trunk of an arborescent lycopsid from the Carboniferous of Joggins, Nova Scotia.
1:6 Permineralized stem of Lepidodendron selaginoides in transverse section.
1:7 Permineralized trunk of Callixylon.
1:8 Compaction fossil of Holocene Pinus strobus pollen from Asa'a Hollow.
1:9 Pennsylvanian coal ball horizons in the Illinois Basin.
1:10 Coal ball.
1:11 Miocene amber from Chiapas, Mexico.

Preservation at the Environmental Level

1:12 Jurassic paleosols from the Morrison Formation of Utah.
1:13 Carboniferous paleosols from Joggins, Nova Scotia.
1:14 Burrowed/backfilled coal of Pennsylvanian age; an example of ichnofossils.

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