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Arborescent Lycopsids of the Carboniferous

2:1 Lepidodendron leaf cushions.
2:2 Lepidophloios leaf cushions.
2:3 Sigillaria leaf cushions.
Lepidophylloides foiliage -- juvenile type.
2:5 Lepidophylloides foiliage -- mature type.
2:6 Lepidostrobophyllum, detached sporangiophores of Lepidocarpon.
2:7 Lepidocarpon in longitudinal section.
2:8 Lepidostrobus coal ball peel; longitudinal section.
2:9 Lepidostrobus in transverse section.
2:10 Megaspore of Lepidodendron from coal ball.
2:11 Stigmaria compression with leaves attached.
2:12 Stigmaria cast.
2:13 Stigmaria transverse section.

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