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PaleoBios was originally published as separates with a simple numbering system (nos. 1–52). The numbering system changed in 1992 with the publication of Volume 14(1). This page lists the volumes through 30(1). A low resolution PDF of the articles in these earlier printed copies is available here for downloading. High-resolution PDFs of articles starting with Volume 29(1) are downloadable at the eScholarship site.

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30(1), February 18, 2011 ($8.50) 44 pp. [abstracts]

BOESSENECKER, R.W. Herpetocetine (Cetacea: Mysticeti) dentaries from the Upper Miocene Santa Margarita Sandstone of Central California

STIDHAM, T.A. The carpometacarpus of the Pliocene turkey Meleagris leopoldi (Galliformes: Phasianidae) and the problem of morphological variability in turkeys

WEINBAUM, J.C. The skull of Postosuchus kirkpatricki (Archosauria: Paracrocodyliformes) from the Upper Triassic of the United States

29(3), June 1, 2010 ($7.50) 31 pp. [abstracts]

BUECHLER, W.K. Estimating polyploidy levels in fossil Salix: A critical review of cell size proxy methods

HODNETT, J.-P. A Machairodont felid (Mammalia; Carnivora; Felidae) from the latest Hemphillian (Late Miocene/Early Pliocene) Bidahochi Formation, northeastern Arizona

29(2), November 5, 2009 ($7.50) 23 pp. [abstracts]

HUTCHISON, J.H. New soft-shelled turtles (Plastomeninae, Trionychidae, Testudines) from the Late Cretaceous and Paleocene of North America

PAGNAC, D. Revised large mammal biostratigraphy and biochronology of the Barstow Formation (Middle Miocene), California

29(1), June 22, 2009 ($7.50) 35 pp. [abstracts]

JASS, C.N. Pleistocene lagomorphs from Cathedral Cave, Nevada

TSENG, Z.J., WANG, X., and STEWART, J.D. A new immigrant mustelid (Carnivora, Mammalia) from the middle Miocene Temblor Formation of central California

CICIMURRI, D.J., and JAMES L. KNIGHT, J.L. New record of an extinct fish, Fisherichthys folmeri Weems (Osteichthyes), from the lower Eocene of Berkeley County, South Carolina, USA

BEATTY, B.L., and MARTIN, L.D. The earliest North American record of the Antilocapridae (Artiodactyla, Mammalia)

28(3), January 22, 2009 ($7.50) 46 pp. [abstracts]

BRINKMAN, D., AQUILLON-MARTINEZ, M.C., DE LEON DÁVILA, C.A., JAMNICZKY, H., EBERTH, D.A., and COLBERT, M. Euclastes coahuilaensis sp. nov., a basal cheloniid turtle from the late Campanian Cerro del Pueblo Formation of Coahuila State, Mexico

RETALLACK, G.J. Cenozoic cooling and grassland expansion in Oregon and Washington

FOSTER, J.R., Preliminary body mass estimates for mammalian genera of the Morrison Formation (Upper Jurassic, North America)

28(2), September 26, 2008 ($7.50) 34 pp. [abstracts]

BESTLAND, E.A., FORBES, M.S., KRULL, E.S., RETALLACK, G.J., and FREMD, T. Stratigraphy, paleopedology, and geochemistry of the middle Miocene Mascall Formation (type area, central Oregon, USA)

BUECHLER, W.K., Revision of fossil willows: Salix hesperia-S. inquirenda and Salix subgenus Longifoliae groups

28(1), May 12, 2008 ($7.50) 40 pp. [abstracts]

PARKER, W.G. Description of new material of the aetosaur Desmatosuchus spurensis (Archosauria: Suchia) from the Chinle Formation of Arizona and a revision of the genus Desmatosuchus

27(3), December 28, 2007 ($7.50) 44 pp. [abstracts]

PASENKO, M.R. A subadult Stegomastodon (Mammalia, Proboscidea) skull from central Arizona

POWELL, C.L., II. Outcrops and mollusks of the "Margaritan" California provincial molluscan stage in the northern Salinas Valley, Monterey and San Benito Counties, central California

27(2), October 11, 2007 ($7.50) 40 pp. [abstracts]

LINDGREN, J. First record of Halisaurus (Squamata: Mosasauridae) from the Pacific coast of North America

KOHN, M.J., and FREMD, T.J. Tectonic controls on isotope compositions and species diversification, John Day Basin, central Oregon

VEGA-DIAS, C., and SCHULTZ, C.L. Evidence of archosauriform feeding on dicynodonts in the Late Triassic of southern Brazil

KVACEK, Z., and REMBER, W.C. Calocedrus robustior (Cupressaceae) and Taxus schornii (Taxaceae): two new conifers from the middle Miocene Latah Formation of northern Idaho

27(1), April 30, 2007 ($7.50) 39 pp. [abstracts]

TAYLOR, M.P. Phylogenetic definitions in the pre-PhyloCode era; implications for naming clades under the PhyloCode

MANCHESTER, S.R., and MCINTOSH, W.C. Late Eocene silicified fruits and seeds from the John Day Formation near Post, Oregon

MIHLBACHLER, M.C. Eubrontotherium clarnoensis, a new genus and species of brontothere (Brontotheriidae, Perissodactyla) from the Hancock Quarry, Clarno Formation, Wheeler County, Oregon

26(3), December 22, 2006 ($7.50) 36 pp. [abstracts]

WHEELER, E.A., MANCHESTER, S.R., and WIEMANN, M. Eocene woods of central Oregon

SENTER, P., and PARRISH, J.M. Forelimb function in the theropod dinosaur Carnotaurus sastrei, and its behavioral implications

LANDER, E.B., and HANSON, C.B. Agriochoerus matthewi crassus (Artiodactyla, Agriochoeridae) of the late middle Eocene Hancock Mammal Quarry Local Fauna, Clarno Formation, John Day Basin, north-central Oregon

26(2), October 13, 2006 ($7.50) 36 pp. [abstracts]

HIRAYAMA, R. Revision of the Cretaceous and Paleogene sea turtles Catapleura and Dollochelys (Testudines: Cheloniidae)

LUCAS, S.G. A new amynodontid (Mammalia, Perissodactyla) from the Eocene Clarno Formation, Oregon, and its biochronological significance

HUNT, R.M., JR., and STEPLETON, E. Biochronologic and lithostratigraphic reappraisal of the upper John Day Formation, north-central Oregon

SHELDON, N.D. Using paleosols of the Picture Gorge Basalt to reconstruct the middle Miocene climatic optimum

26(1), May 15, 2006 ($7.50) 42 pp. [abstracts]

HOPKINS, S.S.B. Morphology of the skull in Meniscomys from the John Day Formation of central Oregon

MYERS, J.A. The latest Eocene Badger’s Nose flora of the Warner Mountains, northeast California: the "in between" flora

PROTHERO, D.R., HOFFMAN, J.M., and FOSS, S.E. Magnetic stratigraphy of the upper Miocene (Hemphillian) Rattlesnake Formation, central Oregon

PROTHERO, D.R., DRAUS, E., and FOSS, S.E. Magnetic stratigraphy of the lower portion of the middle Miocene Mascall Formation, central Oregon

25(3), December 23, 2005 ($7.50) 19 pp. [abstracts]

SENTER, P. Phylogenetic taxonomy and the names of the major archosaurian (Reptilia) clades

SENTER, P. and PARRISH, J.M. Functional analysis of the hands of the theropod dinosaur Chirostenotes pergracilis: evidence for an unusual paleoecological role

25(2), September 26, 2005 ($7.50) 32 pp. [abstracts]

TAYLOR, M.P., and NAISH, D. The phylogenetic taxonomy of Diplodocoidea (Dinosauria: Sauropoda)

LIGGETT, G.A., SHIMADA, K., BENNETT, S.C., and SCHUMACHER, B.A. Cenomanian (Late Cretaceous) reptiles from northwestern Russell County, Kansas

PAGNAC, D. New camels (Mammalia: Artiodactyla) from the Barstow Formation (middle Miocene), San Bernardino County, California

25(1), April 15, 2005 ($7.50) 35 pp. [abstracts]

WAGGONER, B., and HAGADORN, J.W. Conical fossils from the Lower Cambrian of Eastern California

MAYR, G. "Old World phorusrhacids" (Aves, Phorusrhacidae): a new look at Strigogyps ("Aenigmavis") sapea (Peters 1987)

ASH, S. A new Upper Triassic flora and associated invertebrate fossils from the basal beds of the Chinle Formation, near Cameron, Arizona

24(3), December 22, 2004 ($7.50) 24 pp. [abstracts]

NESBITT, S.J. and WHATLEY, R.L. The first discovery of a rhynchosaur from the upper Moenkopi Formation (Middle Triassic) of northern Arizona [PDF]

IRMIS, R.B. First report of Megapnosaurus (Theropoda: Coelophysoidea) from China [PDF]

PASENKO, M.R. and SCHUBERT, B.W. Mammuthus jeffersonii (Proboscidea, Mammalia) from northern Illinois [PDF]

24(2), September 15, 2004 ($7.50) 21 pp. [abstracts]

CUOZZO, F.P. and INMAN, K.T. Early Eocene Microsyops (Mammalia, ?Primates) from the Washakie Basin, southern Wyoming, with a description of newly recovered specimens [PDF]

STIDHAM, T.A. New skull material of Osteodontornis orri (Aves: Pelagornithidae) from the Miocene of California [PDF]

BONNAN, M.F. and WEDEL, M.J. First occurrence of Brachiosaurus (Dinosauria: Sauropoda) from the Upper Jurassic Morrison Formation of Oklahoma [PDF]

24(1), May 15, 2004 ($7.50) 31 pp. [abstracts]

HUTCHISON, J.H. and PASCH, A.D. First record of a turtle (Protochelydra, Chelydridae, Testudines) from the Cenozoic of Alaska (Chickaloon Formation, Paleocene-Eocene) [PDF]

VEGA-DIAS, C. and SCHULTZ, C.L. Postcranial material of Jachaleria candelariensis Araújo and Gonzaga 1980 (Therapsida, Dicynodontia), Upper Triassic of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil [PDF]

24(1) Supplement, 8 pp. 2004 California Paleontology Conference Abstracts. [PDF]

23(3), December 15, 2003 ($10.00) 35 pp. [abstracts]

Issue in Honor of the Contributions to Paleontology made by J. Howard Hutchison

JOYCE, W.G. A new Late Jurassic turtle specimen and the taxonomy of Palaeomedusa testa and and Eurysternum wagleri [PDF]

DANILOV, I. Gravemys Sukhanov and Narmandakh, 1983 (Testudinoidea: Sukhanov and Narmandakh, 1983 (Testudinoidea: Lindholmemydidae) from the Late Cretaceous of Asia: new data [PDF]

LYNCH, S.C. and PARHAM, J.F. The first report of hard-shelled sea turtles (Cheloniidae sensu lato) from the Miocene of California, including a new species (Euclastes hutchisoni) with unusually plesiomorphic characters [PDF]

23(2), September 15, 2003 ($10.00) 40 pp. [abstracts]

LANGER, M.C. The pelvic and hind limb anatomy of the stem-sauropodomorph Saturnalia tupiniquim (Late Triassic, Brazil) [PDF]

WEDEL, M.J. and K.R. SANDERS. ERRATUM to Wedel and Sanders. 2002. PaleoBios 22(3):1-6. [PDF]

23(1), April 15, 2003 ($7.50) 28 pp. [abstracts]

DEWAR, E.W. Functional diversity within the Littleton fauna (early Paleocene), Colorado: evidence from body mass, tooth structure, and tooth wear [PDF]

WILSON, G.P., R.P. HILTON, and E.S. GÖHRE. The first Mesozoic mammal from California [PDF]

PARHAM, J.F., R.P. HILTON, and E.S. GÖHRE. The oldest turtle from California and other new records of Late Cretaceous sea turtles from the Chico Formation [PDF]

23(1) Supplement, 7 pp. 2003 California Paleontology Conference Abstracts. [PDF]

22(3), December 15, 2002 ($7.50) 13 pp. [abstracts]

WEDEL, M.J. and R.K. SANDERS. Osteological correlates of cervical musculature in Aves and Sauropoda (Dinosauria:Saurischia), with comments on the cervical ribs of Apatosaurus [PDF]

CUOZZO, F.P. Comments on the generic synonymy of Anemorhysis Gazin 1958 and Tetonoides Gazin 1962 (Mammalia,Primates), with a description of new early Eocene omomyid specimens from the Washakie Basin, Wyoming [PDF]

22(2), October 31, 2002 ($7.50) 17 pp. [abstracts]

CUOZZO, F.P. Dental variation and temporal change in early Eocene Hyopsodus (Mammalia, Condylarthra) from the Powder River Basin, Wyoming [PDF]

NESBITT, S.J. and K.D. ANGIELCZYK. New evidence of large dicynodonts in the upper Moenkopi Formation (Middle Triassic) of northern Arizona [PDF]

22(1), May 15, 2002 ($7.50) 20 pp. [abstracts]

McGOWEN, M.R., K. PADIAN, M.A. de SOSA, and R.J. HARMON. Description of Montanazhdarcho minor, an azhdarchid pterosaur from the Two Medicine Formation (Campanian) of Montana [PDF]

MAYR, G. A new specis of Plesiocathartes (Aves: ?Leptosomidae) from the Middle Eocene of Messel, Germany [PDF]

22(1) Supplement, 9 pp. 2002 California Paleontology Conference Abstracts. [PDF]

21(3), December 21, 2001 ($5.00) 19 pp. [abstracts]

MATTINSON, C.G., and B.H. TIFFNEY. Terrestrial plant fossils from the Mississippian Diamond Peak Formation, White Pine Range, Eastern Nevada [PDF]

HUTCHISON, J.H., and F.L. FRYE. Evidence of pathology in early Cenozoic turtles [PDF]

21(2), September 15, 2001 ($7.50) 27 pp. [abstracts]

SMITH, K.T. Reassessing the Lambdotherium first appearance datum (Wasatchian, early Eocene) in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming [PDF]

SCOTT, E., and J.R. ROONEY. Non-articular periostosis of a proximal phalanx of Equus conversidens [PDF]

POWELL, II, C.L. Mega-invertebrate fossils from Tertiary rocks of the Spreckles 7.5' quadrangle, Monterey County, California, with description of an unusual faunule from the Monterey Formation and a new lucinid bivalve from the Santa Margarita Sandstone [PDF]

21(2) Supplement, 9 pp. 2001 North American Paleontological Convention 2001 Program and Abstracts. [Part 1 PDF] [Part 2 PDF]

21(1), April 30, 2001 ($7.50) 28 pp. including Guidelines for Authors [abstracts]

STEFEN, C. Barstovian (Miocene) beavers from Stewart Valley, Nevada, and a discussion of the genus Monosaulax based on tooth morphology [PDF]

ASH, S. New cycadophytes from the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation of the southwestern United States [PDF]

21(1) Supplement, 9 pp. 2001 California Paleontology Conference Abstracts. [PDF]

20(3), December 15, 2000 ($7.50) 37 pp. [abstracts]

PROTHERO, D.R., and R.H. TEDFORD. Magnetic stratigraphy of the type Montediablan Stage (Late Miocene), Black Hawk Ranch, Contra Costa County, California: Implications for regional correlations [PDF]

GOUBET, P., H.W. PFEFFERKORN, and W.H. GILLESPIE. Neuralethopterids (Trigonocarpalean Pteridosperms) from the Early Pennsylvanian of eastern North America [PDF]

20(2), September 25, 2000 ($7.50) 23 pp. [abstract] [PDF]

ERICSON, P.G. Systematic revision, skeletal anatomy, and paleoecology of the New World early Tertiary Presbyornithidae (Aves: Anseriformes)

20(1), April 15, 2000 ($7.50) 23 pp. including Guidelines for Authors [abstracts]

SCHUBERT, B.W., and R.W. GRAHAM. Terminal Pleistocene armadillo (Dasypus) remains from the Ozark Plateau, Missouri, USA. [PDF]

HILTON, R.P., D.C. Dailey, and H.G. McDONALD. A Late Pleistocene biota from the Arco Arena site, Sacramento, California. [PDF]

ROSENBAUM, J.N., and K. PADIAN. New material of the basal Thyreophoran Scutellosaurus lawleri from the Kayenta Formation (Lower Jurassic) of Arizona. [PDF]

20(1) Supplement, 10 pp. 2000 California Paleontology Conference Abstracts. [PDF]

19(3), December 15, 1999($7.50) 36 pp. [abstracts]

PARHAM, J.F., and T.A. STIDHAM. Late Cretaceous sea turtles from the Chico Formation of California. [PDF]

WAGGONER, B.M. Fossil oak leaf galls from the Stinking Water paleoflora of Oregon (middle Miocene). [PDF]

STEFEN, C. Evolution of enamel microstructure of archaic ungulates ("Condylarthra") and comments on some other early Tertiary mammals. [PDF]

19(2), August 20, 1999 ($7.50) 37 pp. [abstracts]

HOLROYD, P. A. New Pterodontinae (Creodonta: Hyaenodontidae) from the late Eocene-early Oligocene Jebel Qatrani Formation, Fayum Province, Egypt. [PDF]

CURTIS, K., and K. PADIAN. An Early Jurassic microvertebrate fauna from the Kayenta Formation of northeastern Arizona: Microfaunal change across the Triassic-Jurassic boundary. [PDF]

19(1), April 15, 1999 ($7.50) 31 pp. including Instructions to Authors [abstract]

NICHOLLS, E.L. A reexamination of Thalattosaurus and Nectosaurus and the relationships of the Thalattosauria (Reptilia: Diapsida). [PDF]

19(1) Supplement ($1.00) 12 pp. 1999 California Paleontology Conference Abstracts. [PDF]

18(4), December 15, 1998 ($7.50) 24 pp. [abstracts]

KOUTSOUKOS, E.A.M. "Self-organizing" stress-stabilizing behavor and the co-evolution of interacting species and ecosystems: The quest for a fundamental law of evolution. [PDF]

WATKINS, R., and P.E. McGEE. Secondary tiering among Silurian epibionts in the Waldron Shale, Indiana, USA. [PDF]

SCHORN, H.E. Holodiscus lisii (Rosaceae): A new species of Ocean Spray from the late Eocene Florissant Formation, Colorada, USA. [PDF]

18(2,3), September 14, 1998 ($7.50) 39 pp. [abstracts]

WEIL, A. A new species of Microcosmodon (Mammalia: Multituberculata) from the Paleocene Tullock Formation of Montana, and an argument for the Microcosmodontidae. [PDF]

ROTH, B., and J.H. HARTMAN. A probable Cerion (Gastropoda: Pulmonata) from uppermost Cretaceous Hell Creek Formation, Garfield County, Montana. [PDF]

MODESTO, S.P. New information on the skull of the Early Permian reptile Captorhinus aguti. [PDF]

HUTCHISON, J.H., and J.E. STORER. Turtles from the Middle Eocene (Uintan) of Saskatchewan, Canada. [PDF]

18(3) Supplement ($1.00) 7 pp. 1998 California Paleontology Conference Abstracts. [PDF]

18(1), April 2, 1997 ($6.50) 32 pp. including Guidelines for Authors [abstract]

KELLY, T.S. Additional Late Cenozoic (latest Hemphillian to earliest Irvingtonian) mammals from Douglas County, Nevada. [PDF]

18(1) Supplement ($1.00) 8 pp. 1997 California Paleontology Conference, Programs and Abstracts. [PDF]

17(2–4), September 13, 1996 ($8.50) 69 pp. [abstracts]

The Uses of Vertebrate Fossils in Biostratigraphic Correlation

BELL, C.J., and S.S. SUMIDA. Preface [PDF]

SUMIDA, S., D.S. BERMAN, and T. MARTENS. Biostratigraphic correlations between the Lower Permian of North America and Central Europe using the first record of an assemblage of terrestrial tetrapods from Germany. [PDF]

WYSS, A., R. CHARRIER, and J.F. FLYNN. Fossil mammals as a tool in Andean stratigraphy: Dwindling evidence of Late Cretaceous volcanism in the South Central Main Range. [PDF]

PAJAK, A., E. SCOTT, and C.J. BELL. A review of the biostratigraphy of Pliocene and Pleistocene sediments in the Elsinore Fault Zone, Riverside County, California. [PDF]

DUNDAS, R.G., R.B. SMITH, and K.L. VEROSUB. The Fairmead Landfill Locality (Pleistocene, Irvingtonian), Madera County, California: Preliminary report and significance. [PDF]

CASE, J. The importance of fine-scaled biostratigraphic data in addressing questions of vertebrate paleoecology and evolution. [PDF]

17(1), July 13, 1996 ($3.50) 28 pp. including Guidelines for Authors [abstracts]

LAURIN, M. A redescription of the cranial anatomy of Seymouria baylorensis, the best known Seymouriamorph (Vertebrata: Seymouriamorpha). [PDF]

WAGGONER, B.M. The first fossil cyphoderiid testate amoeba, in Dominican Republic amber (Eocene-Oligocene). [PDF]

WAGGONER, B.M. Bacteria and protists from Middle Cretaceous amber of Ellsworth County, Kansas. [PDF]

17(1) Supplement, 11 pp. 1996 California Paleontology Conference Abstracts. [PDF]

16(4), December 8, 1995 ($3.50) 12 pp. [abstracts]

LAURIN, M. Comparative cranial anatomy of Seymouria sanjuanensis (Tetrapoda: Batrachosauria) from the Lower Permian of Utah and New Mexico. [PDF]

BELL, C.J., and C.B. HANSON. A fossil Sigmodon from the San Francisco Bay Area, Solano Co., California, with comments on additional fossil material from Kern Co., California. [PDF]

16(3), July 4, 1994 ($2.00) 17 pp. [abstract] [PDF]

SCHORN, H.E., and N.L. GOOCH. Amelanchier hawkinsae sp. nov. (Rosaceae, Maloideae) from the middle Miocene of Stewart Valley, Nevada, and a review of the genus in the Nevada Neogene.

16(2), June 6, 1994 ($2.00) 10 pp. [abstract]

AXELROD, D.I., and H.E. SCHORN. The 15 Ma floristic crisis at Gillam Spring, Washoe County, northwestern Nevada. [PDF]

16(2) Supplement (free with 16(2)) 76 pp. LANGER, M.L., and H. BAGI (eds.). Forams '94: International Symposium on Foraminifera Abstracts. [PDF]

16(1), February 9, 1994 ($2.00) 23 pp. [abstract]

KELLY, T.S. Two Pliocene (Blancan) vertebrate faunas from Douglas County, Nevada. [PDF]

16(1) Supplement (free with 16(1)) 15 pp. 1994 California Paleontology Conference Abstracts. [PDF]

15(1–4), May 24, 1993 (Out of Print) 80 pp.

DUNDAS, R.G., and D.J. LONG (eds.). New Additions to the Pleistocene Vertebrate Record of California. [Preface PDF]

GOBALET, K.W., and G. FENENGA. Terminal Pleistocene-early Holocene fishes from Tulare Lake, San Joaquin Valley, California with comments on the evolution of Sacramento squawfish (Ptychocheilus grandis: Cyprinidae). [PDF]

LONG, D.J. Preliminary list of the marine fishes and other vertebrate remains from the Late Pleistocene Palos Verdes Sand Formation at Costa Mesa, Orange County, California. [PDF]

BELL, C.J., and R.G. DUNDAS. Fossil lizards from Rancho La Brea in the collections of the University of California Museum of Paleontology. [PDF]

BELL, C.J. Fossil lizards from the Elsinore Fault Zone, Riverside County, California. [PDF]

SCOTT, E., and S.M. COX. Arctodus simus (Cope, 1879) from Riverside County, California. [PDF]

JEFFERSON, G.T., and A.E. TEJADA-FLORES. The Late Pleistocene record of Homotherium (Felidae: Machairodontinae) in the southwestern United States. [PDF]

DUNDAS, R.G., and L.M. CUNNINGHAM. Harlan's ground sloth (Glossotherium harlani) and a Columbian mammoth (Mammuthus columbi) from Stevenson Bridge, Yolo County, California. [PDF]

MAJORS, C.P. Preliminary report on a late Pleistocene vertebrate assemblage from Bonita, San Diego County, California. [PDF]

FAY, L.P., and K.R. THIESSEN. A preliminary note on the Arvin Landfill Local Fauna (?Holocene), Kern County, California. [PDF]

14(4), April 23, 1993 ($2.00) 10 pp. [abstract]

POLLY, P.D. Hyaenodontidae (Creodonta, Mammalia) from the Early Eocene Four Mile Fauna and their biostratigraphic implications. [PDF]

14(4) Supplement (free with 14(4)) 16 pp. 1993 California Paleontology Conference Abstracts. [PDF]

14(3), March 22, 1993 ($2.00) 24 pp. [abstract] [PDF]

WELLES, S.P. 1993. A review of the lonchorhynchine Trematosaurs (Labyrinthodontia), and a description of a new genus and species from the Lower Moenkopi Formation of Arizona.

14(2), July 22, 1992 ($2.00) 8 pp. [abstract] [PDF]

KRAUSE, D.W. Clemensodon megaloba, A new genus and species of Multituberculata (Mammalia) from the Upper Cretaceous Type Lance Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming.

14(1), April 24,1992 ($2.00) Notes issue. 19 pp. [abstract (Gooch only)]

HANGER, R.A., and H.A. COHEN. Reworked Cleiothyridina sp. in the Seymour Canal Formation (Jurassic-Cretaceous), Southeastern Alaska. [PDF]

KELLY, T.S., and E.B. LANDER. Miocene Land Mammal Faunas from the Caliente Formation, Cuyama Valley Badlands, California. [PDF]

DUNDAS, R.G. A Scimitar Cat (Homotherium serum) from the Late Pleistocene Merrell Locality, Southwestern Montana. [PDF]

GOOCH, N.L. Two new species of Pseudolarix Gordon (Pinaceae) from the Middle Eocene of the Pacific Northwest. [PDF]

14(1) Supplement (free with 14(1)) 9 pp. 1992 California Paleontology Conference Abstracts. [PDF]

No. 52, February 27, 1992 ($2.00) 22 pp. [abstract] [PDF]

KELLY, T.S. New Middle Miocene Camels from the Caliente Formation, Cuyama Valley Badlands, California.

No. 51, September 19, 1991 ($2.00) Notes issue. 11 pp.

SCHORN, H.E., and W.H. SHELTON. A Seed Cone of Pinus sp. (Subsect. Oocarpae) from the Late Miocene of the Mickey Wash Area, Lyon County, Nevada. [PDF]

LONG, D.J. Fossil Cutlassfish (Perciformes: Trichiuridae) Teeth from the La Meseta Formation (Eocene), Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula. [PDF]

DUNDAS, R.G. A Late Pleistocene Occurrence of Equus and Camelops hesternus from the Flint Creek Area, Western Montana. [PDF]

No. 50, July 26, 1991 ($2.00) 13 pp. [abstract]

KELLY, T.S., E.B. LANDER, D.P. WHISTLER, M.A. ROEDER, and R.E. REYNOLDS. Preliminary Report on a Paleontologic Investigation of the Lower and Middle Members, Sespe Formation, Simi Valley Landfill, Ventura County, California. [PDF]

No. 50 Supplement (free with No. 50) 10 pp. 1991 California Paleontology Conference Abstracts. [PDF]

No. 49, April 30, 1990 (OUT OF PRINT) 7 pp.

MASON, M.A. New Fossil primates from the Uintan (Eocene) of southern California. [PDF]

No. 49 Supplement ($2.00) 9 pp. 1990 California Paleontology Conference Abstracts. [PDF]

Nos. 47–48, January 31, 1990 ($3.00) 24 pp. [abstract] [PDF]

DINGUS, L. Systematics, stratigraphy, and chronology for mammalian fossils (Late Arikareean to Hemingfordian) from the uppermost John Day Formation, Warm Springs, Oregon.

No. 46, January 31, 1988 ($2.00) 8 pp. [abstract] [PDF]

LINDBERG, D.R. Recent and fossil species of the genus Erginus from the North Pacific Ocean (Patellogastropoda: Mollusca).

No. 45, October 31, 1987 ($2.00) 7 pp. [abstract] [PDF]

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HIRSCHFELD, S.E. Pliometanastes protistus (Edentata: Megalonychidae) from Knight's Ferry, California with a discussion of early Hemphillian megalonychids.

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HUTCHISON, J.H., and E.H. LINDSAY. The Hemingfordian mammal fauna of the Vedder Locality, Branch Canyon Formation, Santa Barbara, California. Part I. Insectivora, Chiroptera, Lagomorpha, and Rodentia (Sciuridae).

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BARNES, L.G. Imagotaria (Mammalia: Otariidae) from the Late Miocene Santa Margarita Formation near Santa Cruz, California.

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BARNES, L.G. A re-evaluation of mandibles of Allodesmus (Carnivora: Otariidae) from the Round Mountain Silt, Kern County, California.

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LINDSAY, E. Rodents from the Hartman Ranch Local Fauna, California.

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No. 1, 1967 ($2.00) 14 pp. [PDF]

WHISTLER, D.P. Oreodonts of the Tick Canyon Formation, southern California.

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